How to Buy Artificial Grass?

Assortment of sports balls on fake grass

Are you thinking about installing synthetic turf?  Or maybe you’re ready to make a purchase.  Then, you might be asking yourself the question – how to buy artificial grass?  The purchase of artificial grass comes easy with NexGen Lawns.  Thus, we carry multiple types of artificial grass and synthetic turf to purchase directly online.  Homes and commercial locations can both be equipped with synthetic turf.  Therefore, we are here to assist you in buying artificial grass for your home or business.  We carry artificial grass made of high quality and durability to give you premium turf.  In addition, the low-sheen artificial fibers offer a realistic-looking faux grass that feels soft.

how to buy artificial grass

Synthetic grass offers a clean landscape for home lawns.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Different Types of Artificial Grass

The first thing to keep in mind when buying artificial grass is that it does not come in one size fits all. The world of artificial grass has come a long way, and you can now buy artificial grass that is designed for your purpose. Whether you are looking to create a large area of outdoor sports turf for the kids to take advantage of with the neighbors, or perhaps you want something clear for the sake of curb appeal and are going with nicely trimmed landscaping grass, there are options available to you. Again, it all comes down to your purpose.

Thankfully, NexGen has you covered when it comes to buying the artificial grass that suits your needs. In fact, NexGen Lawns carries a variety of types of artificial grass for different uses to purchase online. From pet grass to putting greens to playground turf, you can browse our selection online and purchase synthetic turf that works for your situation and purpose. We invite you to view our categories.  Some of these include the following:

Landscaping Grass

Changing your outdoor landscape with artificial grass provides you with a lawn with minimal upkeep. This will relieve you of having to mow, water, and fertilize the grass. Additionally, fake grass can go over numerous surfaces from patios to decks, and in between stone pavers. And remember that there are degrees of toughness as well, so choose landscaping grass that is ideal for pets if you have pets, for example, or can handle the ongoing trample of young children’s playful feet.

Putting Greens

Buying artificial grass can be for pleasure as much as it can be for practicality. Case in point, putting greens have become a popular choice for people who want to enjoy the fun of golfing at home or at the office. And buying artificial putting green grass can either go inside or outside, depending on your conditions. Even if you are thinking of a small personal putting green for the side of your house, give us a call to install it.

Indoor or Outdoor Sports Turf

Whether you need artificial sports turf indoors or outside, we have you covered. Artificial turf provides a versatile surface for different sports from lacrosse to soccer, to tennis, to baseball, to football, and much more. Our staff can help you with your indoor sports club, outdoor playing area, or training facility. If your sports turf is outdoor, for example, is it going to be in a place where it rains often? If your sports turf is indoor, is it going to be used year-round for long hours each day? These types of details will help you nail down and buy an artificial turf that aligns with your needs.

Pet Grass

Buying artificial pet grass for your home dog run, kennel, dog park, or other pet area means you need something that is durable. After all, dogs are tough on the yard when they play and run outside. And regardless of whether this pet grass is for your own pet, or perhaps you run a  dog business, it is worth scoping out the various options of pet grass we provide so you are sure to buy the artificial turf that you need.

Playground Turf

Playground turf has become the standard when it comes to providing a protective and yet clean-looking layer to the ground of kids’ playgrounds everywhere. After all, why not give children an artificial playground turf covering below the play equipment. And beyond protection, playground turf can be fun as well, incorporating the playful aspect of the playground itself. For example, in addition to green fake grass, we have different color selections to create a colorful playground. We invite you to view our many options for your purchase of playground turf at your home, park, or school.

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When it comes to buying artificial grass, there is a great deal to consider. However, the choice doesn’t have to be left to you alone. We are happy to help navigate you through the wonderful world of artificial grass and find something that works for your purpose, regardless of what that purpose might be.

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