Indulge in a Home Putting Green

Do you wish you could enjoy more time playing golf?  Or have easier access to a golfing green?  Then, your next step should be to call the backyard home putting green professionals at NexGen Lawns.  With the assistance of our highly skilled and crafted installation team, we can create a stunning synthetic golf green for your lawn space.  The troubles of not having enough time or easy access to a golfing green will become solved.  This is due to the easy accessibility of a home putting green in your very own yard.  Also, after working long hours why not walk out in the backyard and relax playing a few holes.  Plus, staying at your own home gives you the freedom to play when you desire.  Not on someone else time table.


home putting green

Beautify the back lawn with your very own artificial home putting green.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Our Home Putting Green is Customizable

Have a unique lawn space?  Or maybe you have a large or small lawn space?  An artificial grass putting green by NexGen Lawns provides you with a customizable surface for your lawn space.  Artificial grass is highly versatile and allows for a variety of golfing applications.  Additionally, you won’t have to mow or water the home putting green.  We can even incorporate a putting green across your backyard decking or concrete patio surface.  This is especially helpful for the avid golfer that doesn’t have a lawn but would like a golfing space.

Our installation team will measure your space to the customization size of your requested size and space.  Whether you need something with a large green, a bunker, or just a small putting green – our professionals will help you start golfing at home.  Additionally, we also customize the golfing surface green to your particular golfing needs.  Maybe you would like a sand trap or multiple holes?  Then, NexGen Lawns can provide the synthetic golfing solutions that you want.

NexGen Lawns’ home putting green gives the backyard a gorgeous synthetic putting space to practice.  Plus, synthetic grass putting green beautifies the lawn.  Finely sculpted multiple holes will keep the landscaping shining all year.  Remember with artificial grass, you don’t have to deal with the upkeep as a traditional sod green either!  To explore more, check out our home putting green products available for purchase today.  Artificial home putting greens can be placed indoors or outdoors for your enjoyment.  So, contact our staff to get ready for your next spring golfing game.