Love Putting Time with Home Golf Greens

If you love playing golf, then, working on your putting skills should be relaxing and refreshing. You would love putting time with home golf greens. After all, golf should be fun! It shouldn’t feel like a hassle or being hurried along to get your golf bag packed up in the car and drive out to the nearest course to then have to unpack. If you feel rushed trying to work on your golf skills, you lose your concentration which also results in bad form. All of this just ends up being a waste of time trying to work on your short game.

Why not, love putting time with home golf greens by NexGen Lawns. Thus, by installing a synthetic golf green at your own home, you instantly have the freedom to play whenever you want. As well as, having the opportunity to play however long you want to practice.  Home synthetic putting greens fit well both indoors and outdoors to suit your space. The whole family can enjoy playing together in the backyard or installed inside basements or entertainment rooms. With the ease to play when you want at your home without being hurried along, you can maintain and improve your golf skills.

love putting time home golf greensSynthetic putting greens provide you the practice tee time all while beautifying your patio. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Home Golf Greens are Simple

For some, the aspect of adding a synthetic putting green at home sounds thrilling, but many think it comes with tons of upkeep. This is not the case, with NexGen Lawns’ synthetic golfing surfaces. Synthetic turf gives you a beautiful golf green with little care that comes built strong yet soft to the touch. Unlike trying to keep the grass green and growing, turf is always green and trimmed.  No mowing or edging is needed with synthetic grass.

Call us if you love putting time

It is a waterless grass turf solution with no mowing or fertilizing to ever worry about. Synthetic turf gives you a realistic golfing surface with the best ball roll available. It can even handle chip shots up to 200 yards away. Time to get out and get golfing! Want to add a bunker but don’t want to deal with sand? Problem solved, we even offer bunker turf to give a mess-free bunker.

We invite you to check out our home golf greens available for purchase through our store. We also provide synthetic golfing surfaces for driving ranges, tee lines, and golf courses. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about scheduling an installation time, please give us a call today at 1-888-844-0672.