Start Enjoying an Effortless Grass Patio

Home patios are wonderful places to sit back alone, or with family, or also a place for celebrations.  The home patio quickly turns into an additional outside living space with warmer weather that many enjoy for these events.  However, the annoyances of upkeep around the patio space can be weekend killers.  Who wants to eat away at their weekend time to drag the dreaded lawn equipment out to keep the patio tidy?  With a grass patio made from synthetic grass, your backyard patio is effortless.   Instead of rushing to mow or trim around the patio before a backyard cookout, the grass patio is ready to go.  Additionally, the chore of having to sweep up grass clippings ends too.  This means fewer grass clippings being tracked back into the house from shoes or even the dog’s paws.  The benefits of synthetic grass have transformed many home patios into lovely relaxing areas.

A Grass Patio is Fun for All

grass patioSynthetic grass provides the boring patio with a colorful soft surface for the whole family.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A NexGen Lawns’ synthetic turf patio changes the back porch into a space everyone can enjoy together.  The softness of our high-quality fibers gives even the kid’s feet a place to play.  Children can run across or just have a spot for imaginative play that is kid-friendly.  In addition, the family dog can utilize artificial grass for playtime or have a designated potty spot.  Either way, artificial turf covers the whole family to go outside and enjoy a clean space together.  All without having to worry about clean-up time beforehand or having to edge!  Our synthetic grass comes treated with ultraviolet degradation to help prevent the fibers from fading or cracking.  Thus, fake grass along or around the patio stays green without any harmful lawn chemical applications.  Fake grass patios help not only to save your time but also to reduce the high summer watering bills with water-less turf.

NexGen Lawns provides many types of fake grass available for your home.  We invite you to explore our many options to shop for artificial grass.  We not only install beautiful home patios but also commercial patios at businesses and restaurants.  Our fake turf can be installed over concrete, wooden decks, or across the ground for a lush patio experience.  For more information regarding our fake grass or scheduling an installation, please give our turf team a call.