Going Green with Artificial Grass

Going green literally has taken over your home landscape!  Now, you can go green with artificial grass as your home lawn or even business lawn.  Technology has been evolving in different ways and artificial grass has evolved too.  Fake grass is no longer the super thin and crunchy material that wears away fast.  Now, with advancements in technology, artificial grass has evolved into a long-lasting and durable product.  Therefore, providing you with a beautiful home lawn that’s simple to care for while going green.

Going Green with Artificial Grass

Reduce Watering

The home lawn requires lots of outdoor work to keep it in tip-top shape.  However, all of the regular maintenance that is required means lots of waste.  For example, to keep a regular grass well cared for it requires lots of watering.  Eliminating outdoor watering could save you lots of money on your water bill.  Not only that, but you’ll be doing your part in helping to save our water.  Installing residential artificial grass is a waterless lawn solution that helps reduce watering.

Stop Mowing & Applying Fertilizers

Keeping your lawn trimmed means powering up gas-powered lawn equipment from the lawn mower, edger, and weedeater.  All of these items can lead to more air pollution and noise.  Why keep dealing with all of the mowing chores?  Instead, artificial grass gives you a mower-free lawn.  Without having to waste your time making sure the grass is always cut.  Nor do you need to apply harmful lawn fertilizers with fake grass.  This is because our faux grass looks realistic all year as well as many future years to come.  Additionally, as a bonus of not having to use all the lawn equipment, you can even have more garage or storage space back.

More than Lawns

Artificial grass provides you with a surface that’s versatile for other spaces than just the lawn.  If you don’t have a lawn, but want the feeling of having a green space that’s where artificial grass can help you.  The NexGen Lawns professional team of installers can give a synthetic grass patio, deck, rooftop, and balcony.  All of these spaces can have the look and feel of a synthetic grass lawn installed directly over these different types of surfaces.

Start Going Green with Artificial Grass

Now, why not start going green with artificial grass a try for your own home?  Give us a call today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.  Reach out to NexGen Lawns today!  You can also email us anytime with our online form.  Remember to ask for a free no-cost obligatory quote.  We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all your artificial grass or artificial turf needs.