Keep it Simple with Fake Lawn Grass this Summer

Scorching heatwaves have made it through the states, which have left many home lawns with dying grass.  However, there is a simple solution for homes to have a full lawn without brown spots.  Fake lawn grass gives homes the perfect answer by providing a full and thick lawn.  Summer months can leave you trying to compete with the high temperatures with constant watering.  Instead of a lush lawn, the heat will leave you with high watering bills.  These high degrees not only feel miserable but can be hard especially on your body trying to mow in the heat.  Why keep sweating away pushing the mower?  Especially since with NexGen Lawns fake lawn grass, there are zero mowings to do in the heat.  That means you can kick back with an ice-cold drink and just relax instead of sweating away.  Plus, you’ll have a smaller watering bill!

fake lawn grass

Step out onto a stunning artificial grass lawn instead of a brown dried-up lawn.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Fake Lawn Grass Offers Many Landscaping Options

Our NexGen Lawns professional team of installers can add many styles to your lawn with beautiful faux grass.  Our thick synthetic grass allows for multiple spaces to transform into a lovely landscape.  Some of these include adding synthetic grass to the back porch, over the deck, surrounding the pool, and under the swing set.   Plus, once you’ve added the easy-to-care-for faux grass, all of these newly remodeled areas stay green throughout the entire year.

Many homeowners love the simplicity of fake lawn grass that they remodel their entire lawn.  Thus, they won’t have any lawn hassles to mess with during the high degrees or cold months.  In addition, fake turf does not have mud which aids in keeping the lawn clean and not soggy with mud.  This means the interior of the house won’t have muddy shoes tracking in.  The rapid drainage of the fake turf will help keep your lawn looking great.

Now, are you ready to remodel the lawn with a simpler surface?  Then, contact one of NexGen Lawns certified installers near you!  We offer many varieties of fake grass for sale to meet different environments.  Whether you want something outside your home, business, or even inside!  Our superior quality artificial fibers give homes a durable lawn that is great for kids and pets.  Our faux lawn grass offers such versatility not only for homes but commercial lawns too.  To learn more, please call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672.