Utilize a Fake Grass Yard for your Outdoor Remodel

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling the outside lawn, then let NexGen Lawns create a new masterpiece with a fake grass yard.  The start of remodeling can be a fun and exciting time to come up with new designs.  However, the process of actually starting and finishing the process can leave you exhausted.  Why wear yourself out?  Instead, the professional NexGen Lawns fake grass yard installers can take care of all the preparations and leave you with an expert finish.  Our highly skilled installers will carefully craft your specific project with our proficient knowledge of synthetic grass.  We will help you with your new design choices and leave you with a simple maintenance landscape.  Thus, once you have NexGen Lawns synthetic grass in place, you can stop dealing with the time-consuming upkeep.  No fertilizers, mowing, watering, or seeding to deal with anymore!  Instead, you’ll have a gorgeous synthetic landscape.

fake grass yard

A fake grass yard creates beautiful landscaping edging around the whole lawn.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Here are a Few Areas to Incorporate a Fake Grass Yard

  • Full Lawn – Give yourself the complete freedom of not using the mower by placing fake grass throughout the entire lawn.  You will have a lawn to use for many years that will look like a natural-appearing lawn.  Additionally, fake grass allows you to use a green lawn throughout the seasons that don’t brown away.
  • Driveways – Add a new aspect to the front of your home by incorporating fake grass into the driveway.  Most driveways or circle drives are bleak gray concrete that has little curb appeal.  Instead, break up the boring driveway with fake grass placed into the driveway for a new design twist.
  • Stepping Stones – Fake grass can go around your stepping stones or as the actual stepping stones to add a lush and full pathway.  Additionally, you won’t have the annoying trimming and edging around the stones with fake grass.
  • Decks – The soft feeling of fake grass can transform your deck with a beautiful faux covering.  We can remodel your porch deck or pool decking with a new surface that adds a splash of color and style to your home.

Those are just a few fake grass landscaping designs to use around the home or office.  Therefore, to discuss some of our back and front yard landscaping ideas, call one of our representatives to purchase and install a fake grass yard.  You can reach NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672.