Experience a Carefree Fall with Fake Grass Lawns

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle during the fall time with full weekends of family time, games to watch, or events to attend, we don’t want to deal with the brown fading grass. Instead, experience a carefree fall with fake grass lawns. Fall time should be a time to enjoy the cooler temperatures outside without any lawn care. With the help of NexGen Lawns, you can experience a carefree fall with fake grass lawns.  That way you can enjoy your outdoor gatherings, games to attend or watch, and fun fall family time.

Who wants to spend their weekend working away on the lawn? Or trying to preserve what’s left of their soon-to-be-gone lawn? And just when you’ve given up on trying to maintain the green grass longer, it’s time to reseed and spread out lawn treatments for the next season. NexGen Lawns has been providing the solution to homeowners with the ease of a synthetic grass lawn solution. Once you’ve had NexGen Lawns installed, you can sit back and enjoy the cooler weather.  Not having to worry about caring for your grass turf with wasteful watering, mowing, and fertilizer treatments.

experience a carefree fall with fake grass lawnsAs other grass lawns fade away this fall, your synthetic grass lawn will stay a beautiful green! Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Fake Grass Lawns Will Give You a Carefree Lawn All Season

Fall time shouldn’t be the only time of the year to not worry about the lawn!  Who wants to push the lawnmower outside in the sweltering summer heat?  If doing lawn work all year or paying someone to do your lawn is getting exhausting, then you will love the easiness of a synthetic grass lawn. A synthetic grass lawn solution removes the existing turf. Then, digs down to create a sub-layer for a highly advanced drainage system. The drainage system gives your lawn a year-round mud-free surface to use all year. No messy muddy dogs or muddy footprints to ever worry about again.

With synthetic grass, the hassles of mowing, watering, fertilizing, and seeding stop. This means you will truly have a carefree lawn all year.  One that doesn’t fade away or to work during the fall time to try to prepare it for the next season.  Instead, just more time for yourself!

If you’re ready to enjoy a beautiful lawn all year without continual lawn care, then check out our fake grass lawns available for purchase today! For questions or scheduling your home installation, please contact us at 1-888-844-0672.