Own a Personal Fake Grass Home Green

Are you looking for a fun entertainment facility for the whole family? A place where you can get to work on your golf swing?  Why not enjoy one right on your very own lawn?  That’s right, with NexGen Lawns you can have your very own fake grass home putting green.  Artificial grass offers a superb golfing surface that all can play on.  Thus, this includes parents, grandparents, and kids!  This is the reason families have included one in their homes.  Parents, grandparents, and children all can do a fun activity together with golf.

fake grass home green

Create a family golf zone with the addition of a synthetic grass putting green.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Bringing a new love to golf with a fake grass putting green

A fake grass home green on your lawn can give your family a great activity to do together.  Some can even discover a new love for golf!  A synthetic putting green can bring you a great way to teach both young and old a new game.  As well as a way you can continue to perfect your form and swing in the comfort of your own lawn.  Additionally, an artificial putting green not only offers a fun place for your family but others too.  Thus, an artificial green can be a great place to have a game and neighborhood gatherings, birthday parties, and cookouts.

Our staff can assist you in creating a golfing area to meet your needs.  Whether you need one hole or multiple holes for your putting green!  We have the staff to complete your home lawn with amazing fake grass putting green.  We work across numerous environments from lawns, decks, and concrete patios to give you a putting green you deserve in your space.

Let NexGen Lawns help your own home or business enjoy the fun game of golf on your own artificial turf.  There is no longer a timeframe for when you can play a round of golf or work on your swing. By choosing to have it in your own backyard, you can decide what time is best for you to play your round of golf!  So, please give us a call today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you in your artificial turf design decision.  Give us a phone call at 888-844-0672.  You can also email us anytime through our online form.  Remember to ask for a free estimate.