Eliminate Toxic Insecticides & Fertilizers with Synthetic Turf for Dogs

Keeping our pets safe outside is always a high priority for dog owners. Pets require outside time for bathroom breaks, playtime, and exercise. Eliminate fertilizer and toxic insecticide with synthetic grass for dogs.  With regular grass, poisonous chemicals applied to keep the lawn fertilizer and pest-free to grow is toxic to dogs. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has recently released last year’s most popular calls by each state. Some of these toxic items can cause vomiting, and seizures, and even life-threatening. Insecticides and fertilizers can pique a dog’s interest seeing tiny pellets along the ground to sniff and lick up.  Instead, keep your dog safe outside with NexGen Lawns synthetic turf for dogs that eliminate toxic insecticides and fertilizers with synthetic grass. Synthetic turf is completely pet-friendly and made specifically for dogs! Dogs will love having a soft and full lawn to play on any time of the year.

synthetic grass for dogs

Let your dog run and play outside on a synthetic grass lawn.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Turf for Dogs is Low Maintenance

NexGen Lawns turf for dogs eliminates any need for fertilizers and rids your yard with the hassle of mowing! Our turf also requires low maintenance and can easily wash clean. The annoyance of mud-filled lawns and muddy paw prints tracked into the house will vanish. With synthetic turf, rainwater is also quickly pushed through the advanced drainage system to leave a dry lawn with no mud. Everyone in the family will, therefore, love having a lawn to use anytime and you’ll love having more free time with less lawn work. The backyard will be full and green all year without any yellow or brown spots to deal with either.

Eliminate toxic insecticide with synthetic grass

Please remember, if you have any concerns or questions regarding toxic chemicals or plants, please also call the ASPCA 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center or your local veterinarian clinic. If you’re ready to ditch the hazards of lawn chemicals and experience a full lawn, give NexGen Lawns professionals a call today at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about installing pet turf. NexGen Lawns synthetic turf can also be applied in multiple areas from the entire lawn, in dog runs, around the pool, and in dog kennels. View our highly durable synthetic pet turf available in our store today!