Create a New Look with Outdoor Synthetic Grass

A great way to change your outdoor living space or landscaping around your home is with a new look with outdoor synthetic grass. A large artificial grass lawn can bring a peaceful setting to your backyard space. This is because of the low upkeep of synthetic grass compared to normal grass which requires tedious upkeep. The NexGen Lawns team installs artificial grass across a variety of environments. Whether you want something small to a large lawn to remodel, our team is here to help you with experiencing a beautiful synthetic lawn.

Creating a way to spend more time outdoors with synthetic grass

Outdoor synthetic grass can remodel your space in a variety of ways to bring in a welcome feeling. You can sit outside and relax on your outdoor lawn furniture and view a lovely faux lawn. Or grab a lawn chair and watch the children play outside. Additionally, artificial grass offers a great family-friendly surface to play games on from playing catch to a round of bocce ball. The best part is you don’t have to make sure the lawn has been cut before you go outside to spend time outdoors. Instead, you’ll have a lawn always trimmed lawn for your outdoor activities with fake grass. This is a great benefit when hosting gatherings and events outside to have a lawn that’s ready. No more rushed feeling of making sure everything is mowed before guests come over.

What to Look For with Outdoor Synthetic Grass

If you are new to the world of outdoor artificial grass, you might have a great many questions about what to keep your eye on.  Since all outdoor synthetic grass is not the same. Nor should it be! Just like you have a yard that is all its own, your outdoor artificial turf should be designed to suit your needs, whatever those may be.

For instance, do you have a dog that is going to make use of the yard? It is no secret that animals wear down any type of grass more than a human.  And this is true of artificial outdoor grass as well as real grass. If you do have a furry friend that is going to make use of the yard, then make sure to get something that has more durability, and perhaps thicker blades. Yes, you can choose the thickness of the blades!

On the other hand, you might want something soft that you are going to be walking on frequently, or perhaps have little ones that are going to be spending a lot of time on their stomachs, or maybe learning to crawl. For these little people, there is nothing better than short, soft blades that will keep them comfortable the entire afternoon.

Not Limited to Thickness or Length

Artificial outdoor grass should also have appropriate drainage capabilities depending on where you are going to install it. Does your yard get plenty of rain? Or perhaps there are low spots where drainage tends to be a problem? Make the change with an artificial outdoor grass option that will better facilitate this drainage, and make it so that standing water is no longer a concern. Synthetic outdoor grass can help ease your drainage problem.  Even in those low, shady spots of the yard where there has traditionally been a problem.

Also, what is the purpose of your synthetic outdoor grass? Will you be hosting parties outside? Or perhaps you are a golfer, and want to work on your chipping skills? The purpose of your outdoor fake grass will play a major role in factoring into which synthetic outdoor grass is right for you.

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