Purchase Dog Turf Potty Grass for a Happy Pet

Purchase dog turf potty grass for a happy pet and for a happier owner too. Have a pet to potty train or looking for other options to give your dog its own space? No matter what age of pet you may have, artificial grass can be used to help train your pet for a designated bathroom break and give them their own designated space. Our dog turf installs include lawns, dog runs, and fenced-in areas.  Also, artificial dog turf does not yellow or brown from potty breaks and is a great way to help train pets with potty breaks. No one wants to have a lawn filled with brown and yellow spots! Additionally, pets will love the soft green synthetic fibers under their sensitive doggy paws.

Dogs can jump, run, and roll across the high-quality artificial turf NexGen Lawns supplies and installs. Our dog turf products come built tough to handle energized pets as they exercise.  Thus, artificial dog turf is a great product to use as potty grass for the turf drains dog urine through the drainage system to leave a cleaner lawn.  This means no yucky standing urine to smell up the yard.

Keep brown and yellow spots in the yard gone for good with an artificial dog turf potty. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Dog Turf Potty Keeps the Interior Clean Too

The backyard can be a beautiful place for the entire family and family pets to spend time together. Kids and pets love to play together outside by racing, playing fetch, or even playing in the garden hose together. However, the backyard mess can easily get tracked back inside the home on shoes and paws. Muddy lawns become an increasing problem during the winter months with regular grass because the grass has died off leaving dirt exposed.

Synthetic grass always has a stunning green surface that never fades away; therefore, the whole family can enjoy a year-round lawn. Regular grass can also take days even weeks to dry out from the rain, whereas, artificial dog turf quickly dries after it rains to leave a drier surface. Artificial turf has no mud to deal with to keep the interior of the house clean too. Additionally, you’ll love a mud-free lawn and house!

Want to learn more about dog turf potty grass for your home? For questions, please contact our staff at 1-888-844-0672. We would love to hear from you!