Remodel your Training Facility with Artificial Turf for Dogs

Are you searching for a strong and durable ground for your dog training area?  Then, call NexGen Lawns for your purchase of artificial turf.  We can help your training facility with the remodel of artificial turf.  Our premium artificial turf provides a realistic-looking lawn that has minimal maintenance.

Let’s face it, sod dog lawns wear out quickly with the high activity of dogs.  Fake turf will provide a new surface that allows for year-round play use, with no more worries of re-sodding.  This will help to save your facility money in upkeep costs.  Additionally, you won’t have to trim the training yard, fertilize, or water.   Thus, even more benefits to revamping your training facility, dog boarding business, or other dog-focused facilities to pet grass.

training facility with artificial turf

The fast-draining artificial turf keeps the outdoor area clean and mud-free for all the pups to enjoy.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Remodel your Training Facility with Artificial Turf

A new dog yard will provide a dog-friendly ground for multiple dogs to play on throughout the year.  Rain can leave your business with a muddy dog lawn and muddy dogs.  However, switching to synthetic grass provides a quick-draining ground to leave your lawn and dogs cleaner.  This will keep even your business floors a little cleaner with less muddy paws.  That way your doggy clients can still go outside and have fun after it rains and come back indoors without the muddy paws.

Additionally, artificial turf can even go inside your facilities for an indoor training room or dog run.  Fake turf provides indoor training rooms or playrooms with a realistic-looking surface for dogs to play all year inside.  This can also be a great way to keep dog clients active and out of the cold weather or extreme heat.

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NexGen Lawns can help any doggie daycare center or personal home become a much cleaner and happier facility with NexGen Lawns K9 artificial turf.  Our K9 artificial turf also helps reduce odors through our advanced drainage system and all-natural in-fill.  This will, therefore, eliminate muddy paw prints brought into facilities and homes providing you with a mud-free lawn and home.  No more worries about uneven dangerous grounds that dogs can trip and hurt themselves on, with artificial turf; pets will have a safe and even playing area.  Give NexGen Lawns a call today for a year-round play space, and your pets will be sure to thank you that you did.