Install a Dog-Friendly Artificial Turf Yard at your Home

Do you have a dog or multiple dogs and need a new surface for them to play on?  Then, install a dog-friendly artificial turf yard at your home from NexGen Lawns.  When dogs go outside to play, they oftentimes can ruin the grass lawn.  This can make keeping the grass growing a difficult task to achieve.  However, artificial turf provides your dogs with a truly strong ground for their playful energy.  Our installers are here to help you with achieving a new dog-friendly artificial turf yard right at your home.

dog-friendly artificial turf yard

A synthetic grass dog run provides a tidy-looking place for dogs to play.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Keep your dog happy with a dog-friendly artificial turf yard

Keep your dogs grinning with artificial grass!  Artificial grass offers a nice green lawn that dogs can utilize throughout the year.  Unlike traditional grass that wears away at the end of the season, fake grass is a surface for year-round use.  This is through our durable fibers that keep green even when exposed to dog urine.  Therefore, you won’t have any of those ugly yellow circles in the yard.  Artificial grass will also help keep your home cleanlier inside and out with no more mud or hard-packed dirt throughout the lawn.  This messy dirt can get tracked back inside on paws leaving you with dirty floors inside your house.  However, artificial turf comes with excellent drainage to quickly dry after it rains.  That way your dogs can go outside and play soon after the rain has ended and not be covered in mud.

We invite you to view our dog-friendly artificial turf available to purchase for your yard.  For questions, please give us a call at 888-844-0672 and one of our representatives will be happy to help you and your pet with your next synthetic grass solution.  You can also email us anytime at your convenience with our online form.  Ask us for a free estimate to convert your yard to artificial turf.