Offer an Improved Facility Equipped with Dog Artificial Turf

Change up your dog facility by offering an improved facility equipped with dog artificial turf.  Dog facilities from training grounds, boarding centers, and daycare facilities all experience high amounts of use.  This high use causes regular grass to break down and leave hard-packed dirt grounds.  The dirt-covered dog yard can turn rough and dangerous for dogs to play on.  However, you can give your dog guests a quality ground that’s made just for pets through dog artificial turf from NexGen Lawns.  We bring premium synthetic dog grass to your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Thus, dogs can play outside and inside on a green surface that actually feels soft to the touch.  Not the rough ground of concrete, pea gravel, or dirt.

A new, improved facility with dog artificial turf

If you’re experiencing a worn-down area currently or need a better surface, artificial turf can change your grounds.  A new outdoor play space is a welcomed change from a previous space that was pea gravel or concrete.  Gravel and concrete can hurt or cut a dog’s sensitive paws. Furthermore, regular grass wears down into uneven dirt trails and mounds.  Now the dogs will have a safe, even ground that’s soft on their paws.  Thus, by wisely choosing artificial turf, your dog clients will have a far better playing area.  Additionally, artificial grass provides a green space for dogs to use year-round.  Unlike regular grass that leaves you left with dead brown grass throughout the cooler months.

dog artificial turf

A synthetic turf play yard offers the pups a great place to run along and play with one another.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns has transformed numerous homes and doggie daycare centers to become much cleaner and happier facilities. Our durable synthetic dog turf can help reduce odors through the benefits from an advanced drainage system. We also use an all-natural infill that’s pet-friendly.  The fast-draining turf, therefore, keeps lawns and facilities dry and mud-free.  A win for both you and your dog clients to have a cleaner space outside.  Additionally, this even helps to reduce dirt and mud getting tracked back indoors on dog paws through the quick drainage of artificial turf.

Give NexGen Lawns a call today for a year-round play space with K9 artificial turf.  The NexGen Lawns office phone number is 888-844-0672, call to start your fake turf addition for dogs.  If you’re looking for a lovable pet to add to your home, don’t forget to check out your local animal shelter!