Add Some Color with NexGen Lawns Colored Artificial Turf

Everyone could use a little more color in their life outside. Why not, utilize NexGen Lawns’ colored artificial turf! Many think of colored artificial turf for sporting fields, but that’s not the only place they can incorporate color.  Want to add a spruce of color in your garden or around your pool? Then, NexGen Lawns can do that for you! Adding colored turf can also make a fun outdoor area for children to play on.  Whether that is under playground equipment or just the back lawn, colored artificial turf can brighten up your space for playtime.

Growing grass underneath any playground equipment is difficult, and artificial grass gives children a soft padded ground instead of boring brown ground. Kids love brightly colored things, and adding a colorful turf where they play can help their growing imaginations. Want to make your business stand out from the rest? Colored turf can help grab potential customers’ attention! Colored turf can also be incorporated into patios, bocce ball courts, around pools, parks, and many more. NexGen Lawns offers a wide selection of colored turf to help any space come to life with some color.

color artificial turfA beautiful pop of blue could create fun turf grass under a playground. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Benefits of Colored Artificial Turf

Fast Drying – NexGen Lawns provides artificial turf that is also quick to dry with our highly developed drainage system.  The fast drainage rapidly drains rainwater to leave no mud.  No matter if you are also looking for a mud-free playing field, lawn, park, or playground. The annoyance of water-logged outdoor space will be no more. Everyone will love having an outdoor area to use without having to be stuck indoors or cancel plans.

No Continual Upkeep – Eliminate all the unnecessary chores and costs of mowing, watering, applying seeds, edging, and chemical lawn applications. Artificial turf provides everyone with a space to play without any of that work involved. That means more free time and relaxation time! You can enjoy an always-colored space year-round without any seasonal lawn work duties.

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NexGen Lawns’ colored turf comes in a wide variety of color options and can also easily incorporate school mascots, business logos, and customized names. Our engaging colors also help that once drab outdoor or indoor space becomes more refreshed and inviting. Our professional installation team can add turf to any space from yards, sporting fields, putting greens, playgrounds, parks, and so much more. Give us a call today to get started and learn more about artificial grass at 1-888-844-0672. At NexGen Lawns, we believe in saving you time, money, and water!