Why many are choosing to Buy Turf

Many homeowners have made the change to buy turf for their lawns.  Why?  Well, the reason is the numerous benefits and advantages synthetic grass provides to homeowners.  Synthetic grass benefits all types of homeowners from young adults, families, and retired adults.  Therefore, the reason for the vast range of benefits for all different age brackets is the freedom of lawn chores.

No matter what age the homeowner is, everyone can enjoy more freedom from not having to work on the lawn.  This is due to the hassle-free yard through artificial grass.  Thus, the weekend lawn mowing ends once an individual has made the decision to buy turf.  That means homeowners won’t have to deal with noisy gas-powered lawn equipment on the weekends.  Additionally, synthetic lawn grass is a water-less turf.  Therefore, you won’t have to watch your water bill spike over the summer trying to keep the lawn green.  With a faux turf lawn, the grass stays green all year.

buy turf

Enjoy a lush lawn even in the shade with artificial grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Buy Turf for Multiple Uses

Lawns, Patios, & Decks – Fake grass can be applied throughout the entire lawn.  This includes placing synthetic turf between stepping stones, around landscaping beds, and even surrounding the swimming pool.  However, fake grass also can be placed over patios, decks, and balconies.  This is perfect for urban settings looking to add a little green space to their townhome.

Play Equipment – Artificial grass is a great choice for kids.  Many play equipment on the lawn leaves the area underneath them brown and worn down.  However, with artificial grass underneath the play equipment, it will never brown and stay looking fresh.  Plus, it keeps kids free of dirt and mud!  NexGen Lawns also carries artificial turf with a foam padding underlayment to help cushion the ground.

Dog Spaces – Many homeowners own pets and struggle with a broken-up lawn.  However, artificial turf is a great dog-friendly pick without a worn-out lawn!  Artificial turf allows for a full lawn for dogs to play.  Or you can choose to create a designated dog spot all through the flexibility of artificial grass.

Why not experience the reason so many have selected to buy turf?  Then, make the choice to call our staff today to have all the advantages so many are receiving.  Synthetic grass will beautify your outdoor space and provide so many uses through buying turf.  Plus, artificial grass is not just for homeowners.  Many businesses have added artificial grass to create an amazing outdoor space.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to feel the amazing fibers NexGen Lawns carries, now is the time.  So, call us today!