Give your Pooch the Best Dog Friendly Grass

Our dogs really do deserve the best grass underneath their paws. After all, they spend a lot of time outdoors for exercise, potty breaks, and just lounging around. Why would pet owners want nothing more than a ground surface that is built especially for dogs in mind? Then, give your pooch the best dog-friendly grass. Regular grass breaks down quickly to leave thinning spots, dirt tracks, unsightly mud pits, and even yellow spots. So let’s give your pooch the best dog-friendly grass.

To achieve the best grass for dogs – the solution awaits with NexGen Lawns’ K9 synthetic grass. Our K9 synthetic grass, built tough yet soft to the touch, dries fast and stays mud-free. Best of all, dogs love it! It’s the perfect solution that stays looking clean year-round without the lawn work required. There is no mowing, fertilizing, or watering required.  Additionally, those pesky yellow and brown spots caused by dog urine will be no more. Our synthetic turf stays green all year and does not yellow from pet waste. It can also be used all across the lawn for a beautiful landscape or installed into a dog run.

best dog friendly grassDogs love the soft and smooth artificial grass underneath their tender paws. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Our Best Dog-Friendly Grass Provides You a Cleaner Lawn

If you’re tired of dealing with wiping muddy paws from the rain, then you’ll love having an artificial grass lawn. Artificial grass means no more mud! With our proper drainage system that quickly drains the water, it leaves a drier lawn faster.  Thus, dogs will be able to play outside quickly and even year-round on an always-green lawn. Our artificial grass is 100% lead-free and contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection to keep yarn from fading. Our advanced drainage system also aids in odor control. We recommend for the best odor control is to install Envirofill as an in-fill.  It contains Microban technology to help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.  Additionally, it reduces the ammonia odor from dog urine by 99%!  Therefore, the antimicrobial infill helps to reduce odors for a dog-friendly lawn.

Call us for Pet-Friendly Fake Turf

NexGen Lawns’ best dog-friendly grass provides you with a perfect landscape and your dog with a pet-friendly outdoor space. Artificial grass also aids in helping dogs suffering from outdoor grass allergies. Their skin can become irritated by grass pollen causing them to scratch, itch, and bite their own skin. Artificial grass helps to alleviate grass allergies by reducing those allergens.

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