Add a New Attraction with Artificial Turf at your Restaurant

Lots of restaurants across the globe have recently redesigned or opened with new concepts utilizing highly functional artificial turf. This has helped to bring not only eye-catching designs both inside and outside storefronts but also attracts more customers thanks to the multipurpose flooring.  Artificial grass can be used in many unique ways to appeal to different types of customers.  It is great for outdoor play areas for kids and dog walks. Fake grass also helps to create dog-friendly dining areas by adding an outdoor turf dog park.  A fake turf dog park near your outdoor space will give dog owners a great way to keep close to their dogs.

Additionally, artificial grass is also great for adding activity zones, appealing to more active diners.  Whether you want to add a children’s playground area or an open play park space.  An added open park gives you a space for not only children to play but also an open area to host a variety of events.  Another great feature you can have at your restaurant is a synthetic grass putting green.  A putting green is fun for all ages!  Thus, add a new attraction with artificial turf at your restaurant.

artificial turf at your restaurant

Add a colorful area at your restaurant with artificial grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A new restaurant attraction with Artificial Turf

The addition of artificial grass offers a flowing design as a great way to attract customers to the restaurant.  The colorful appearance of fake grass is also great for passersby to see a new fun hot spot to join in.  You can add a new attraction of synthetic grass putting green, lawn games, outdoor seating areas, dog parks, playground spaces, and much more.  Additionally, artificial turf can create a beautiful outdoor seating area for a patio space.  The easy-to-maintain artificial grass means your restaurant won’t have to mow the outdoor grass, water, or fertilize.

Help attract customers by adding an extra attraction to your storefront with artificial turf.  This can be done in multiple ways by creating a fun-filled environment on fake grass.  Don’t let your business miss out on the variety of uses with artificial grass.  Let NexGen Lawns help your home or business bring a fun new inviting style design.  Please give us a call today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you in adding artificial turf at your restaurant.  Reach us at 888-844-0672 or through our online form.