Play this Winter on an Artificial Turf Mini Golf

While down in the southern states any cold weather feels just frigid to us outside past the freezing temperature.  For those living up north, it’s just part of their winter weather pattern they are used to the freezing temperatures.  Why not make the most of the cold temperatures and have some fun outside on an artificial turf mini golf?  Whether you want to play at your home or commercial business, NexGen Lawns has artificial grass for mini golf available to purchase for homes and businesses.  That way you can still have fun outside even if it’s cooler outside.

Artificial Turf Mini Golf Keeps Green

Even in the extreme winters an artificial grass mini golf surface looks vibrantly green and inviting to play a round of mini golf.  Everything else might have turned brown outside, except you can still see some green and play golf with NexGen Lawns.  Artificial turf golfing surfaces provide owners with year-round usage without any mowing or trimming required.  Instead, you’ll see the refreshing color of green outside on your personal artificial putting green even during the colder seasons.  What’s even better is you will have the opportunity to keep swinging your golf clubs even during the winter months!

Incorporating a synthetic putting green at commercial businesses provides a fun way to still offer a great amenity even in the cold. With an artificial turf mini golf course or putting green, businesses can keep their doors open longer throughout the season or for special events in the cold weather.  This will give you the opportunity to host functions, events, and gatherings even in the cooler seasons.  What’s great is you don’t have to deal with the upkeep of a normal grass green.

artificial turf mini golf

Don’t let the wintertime stop you from playing golf, instead play on artificial grass! Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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At NexGen Lawns, we not only provide artificial turf for miniature golf courses. We also install artificial turf backyard putting greens, golf courses, tee lines, and driving mats.  Call today to find a NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass putting green installer near you.  We carry the most realistic golfing surface available in the market made of the highest quality synthetic turf.  Please give our turf experts a call today to learn more about artificial turf putting greens.  As well as all the benefits it can bring to your business or residential home.  Browse through our choices of Artificial turf for mini golf today.