NexGen Lawns Has You Covered for Artificial Turf Infill

Who wants all the messy rubber flecks flown about as infill when NexGen Lawns can apply an artificial turf sand infill! Sand infill applied to the base of artificial grass and synthetic turf isn’t distracting like rubber fly-outs cause when playing golf, tennis, or other sports.  Not only is dealing with messy rubber flying around everywhere distracting, but it’s also annoying to deal with.  Rubber infill flecks not only fly out, but cause a mess that sticks on clothing, skin, and even pets. Synthetic turf infill is also nice when incorporated into children’s playgrounds.  As well as, personal backyards to keep kids and pets clean while playing outside.  So, see NexGen Lawns has you covered!

Stop all the hassle of picking off rubber pieces and start enjoying an easy and natural infill with sand today! The sand infill is also the best economical infill solution to place artificial turf fibers into place without the higher costs of other infill choices. Sand also fits easily between the fibers to lie at the very bottom of the turf and is not very noticeable. As it is light in color and helps to aid in keeping the turf cooler by reducing heat absorption.

artificial turf infillAll-natural sand infill fits snugly between artificial grass fibers to provide a beautiful infill product. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Two Artificial Turf Infills to Choose From

  1. 30 Mesh Silica Sand
    The 30 mesh silica sand is also the infill choice for putting greens, golf courses, driving ranges, bocce ball courts, and more. This smaller grain sand has been rounded to provide a smooth infill surface.  The close-fitting smaller grains fit nicely at the base of the artificial turf fibers.  For golfing surfaces, you can control the stimp speed you desire on the green by the amount of sand infill.
  2. 20 Mesh Silica Sand
    The 20 mesh silica sand is a large grain sand infill that works great on lawns, playgrounds, dog runs, and pool surrounds. This natural quartz sand infill protects against mildew and mold by not retaining moisture like common sand or play sand.  The light hue helps to keep the ground cooler by not retaining as much heat.

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NexGen Lawns carries synthetic turf infill easily available for purchase online. To save you money in shipping costs, we also offer free pick-up at our NexGen Lawns locations. Contact our highly knowledgeable staff at 1-888-844-0672 for synthetic grass sand infill.  Don’t forget to browse through all of our artificial grass accessories to fully complete your new synthetic grass project.