Lessen the Lawn Work with Artificial Turf for Homes

Two little words can be a weekend killer no matter what time of the year it is. Lawn Work. Thus, those two little words you know mean that the fun weekend plan you thought of, will now be cut short by the hours you will be spending in the yard. The watering, mowing, bagging, fertilizing, seeding, and weed pulling will be your non-fun weekend. If you want a shortcut around the lawn work, contact NexGen Lawns! We love helping our customers save time with synthetic grass!

Free time is pretty hard to come by these days. When you do have free time, who wants to spend it working away on the lawn? Lessen the lawn work with artificial turf for homes. A synthetic grass lawn system for homes is easy and simple! Once you’ve made the wise decision to install NexGen Lawns synthetic turf in your yard, you will be on your way to taking back your weekend plans without lawn work involved. With artificial turf, you never have to mow, fertilize, or water the lawn. The lawn always looks freshly cut and green with no harmful chemical lawn applications. Additionally, with our completely waterless turf grass, you’ll even save money on your water bills. It’s a complete win with the water you will be saving our planet and the newly acquired free time you’ll have on your hands.

Every weekend you can sit back and enjoy a gorgeous landscape that requires no work. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Turf for Homes Provides More than a Lawn

Now that you’ll be acquiring more free time, why not add some fun? With the help of NexGen Lawns, artificial grass can transform the basic lawn into an entertainment fun zone. Additionally, an artificial turf lawn can incorporate a putting green, bocce ball court, and tennis court. We offer complete customization to suit your needs and your backyard lawn space. A backyard putting green is a family-friendly game that no matter what age can be enjoyed.  Thus, kids will love having a space to play mini-golf, and older adults can enjoy practicing their golf swing. Synthetic grass backyard putting greens stay green all year, which means everyone in the family can practice their short game all year long.  While you don’t have to worry about keeping the green well-trimmed!

We provide a wide variety of artificial turf for homes available for purchase. Therefore, give us a call to give yourself less lawn work and more free time!