Add an Artificial Turf Dog Park for your Customers

Many businesses understand the importance of dogs to their owners and have started to add a great amenity of an artificial turf dog park.  More families and individuals are also bringing their pets along with them when out in the town running errands or shopping.  Thus, that’s why adding a fake grass park to your business is smart for your customers.  Dog owners could stop at your place of business with their furry friends along with them!  At NexGen Lawns, we carry numerous synthetic turfs to provide your business with the true quality of fake turf.  Why not stand out and offer more to your customers with dogs with a dog park included at your commercial business?

artificial turf dog park

An artificial turf dog park provides a space for your customer’s dogs to play.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

An Artificial Turf Dog Park for a Care-Free Lawn

A new dog park is a great addition with artificial grass dog parks trending with other commercial businesses.  By adding a dog park as an amenity for guests; now, dog owners will also enjoy having their pets with them.  In addition, pets get to play on a clean and safe surface.  This gives your customers the opportunity to either sit back and watch their pet play and socialize or to drop off their pet and shop indoors.  Either way provides your business with an opportunity to include customers with dogs.

Artificial turf is soft and smooth, which is perfect for doggy paws to run and play across.  Pet turf dog parks and dog runs are easy to maintain with no mowing or watering required.  This means you can add a dog-friendly amenity and not have the hassles of keeping up with the grass.  Additionally for those that don’t want to care for holes or muddy dog runs – artificial grass helps to deter dogs from digging holes and keeps the grounds mud-free after rain.  This is through the fast drainage of artificial turf.  For any cleanup, the pet turf is easily washed clean with water.

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At NexGen Lawns, we carry a full line of artificial dog turf available for purchase.  To learn more about adding a new artificial grass dog park amenity to your business.  Or to add a dog run at home, then please call our pet turf experts at 1-888-844-0672.  Your dog deserves the best and you deserve a cleaner yard with the assistance of NexGen Lawns!