Artificial Turf for Commercial Use

NexGen Lawns can help you create a beautiful new outdoor garden with artificial turf for commercial use.  Thus, fake grass can go inside restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, apartment complexes, or other commercial businesses.  Artificial turf for commercial use changes a dull grey indoor room or even rooftop to a more inviting place.  Therefore, children or adults can have the look of the outdoors directly inside the buildings.  This can help individuals feel and see a fake green lawn directly in the building.  Or even a patio or rooftop setting with fake turf.  We can place artificial turf gardens, playgrounds, or just a green space.  Our professional team of installers can transform the look of your business with synthetic grass.

Create Different Amenities with Artificial Turf

Installing artificial turf for commercial use can create different amenity attractions for your business.  For example, you can add a fun zone to your business with a synthetic turf bocce ball or court.  Bocce ball creates a great game for a range of ages to play.  In addition, you can add mini putting green for clients to work on their putting skills.  Or just to have fun outside or inside with a fake turf putting green.  While these are both great games to play, another way to cater and offer different options is through a dog park.  Fake turf can create a low upkeep surface for a dog park for your business.  Dog parks are fantastic to include at a variety of businesses for dog owners to have a place to play and socialize with their pets.

Artificial Turf for Commercial Use Provides Inclusive Grounds

The vibrant green new artificial turf also provides a space just for children when utilized as a garden or playground.  Additionally, artificial turf for commercial use is child-friendly to give kids a colorful outdoor break.  Commercial artificial grass is also built of highly durable fibers for motorized scooters and wheelchairs to easily wheel across. Unlike regular grass, it, therefore, gives the garden a safe and smooth space without any mud to deal with or uneven grounds.  Plus, there is no work regarding mowing or watering to deal with which makes it perfect to use both outside and inside.  The fake grass will keep green year-round.

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NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass can also be utilized in any commercial space from hospitals, schools, business offices, and retail space. We provide top-quality artificial grass in a wide variety of commercial artificial turf to choose from for kids to relax or play upon. Want to add some colorful grounds? There are also multiple color options for artificial turf to brighten up gardens, playgrounds, and interior spaces. We invite you to contact our staff for any questions, custom orders, and scheduling of your amazing artificial turf installation project. You can reach us at 1-888-844-0672.