Artificial Turf Carpet Creates a Plush Realistic Looking Patio

Have you thought about changing up your outdoor patio space lately?  Then, NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf carpet will transform your space into a lovely modern design.  Many homeowners work on their grass landscapes; however, the patio usually gets left out of landscaping makeover.  Landscaping options have evolved into incorporating the patio into the full design.  Therefore, this helps to make the backyard patio feel like a complete outdoor living space.  The backyard patio is where many gather to lounge and relax.  Including the patio with an artificial turf carpet gives your space a comfortable and soft spot.  Did you know NexGen Lawns’ fake grass is remarkably soft to the touch?  Well, this is due to the high-end quality fibers of our faux grass.  This means everyone’s feet are treated to a nice surface that is not hard and uncomfortable.   This includes even the family dog!

artificial turf carpet

This artificial turf carpet creates a peaceful patio enclosure to relax.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A Few Artificial Turf Carpet Options

Concrete Patios – Typical backyard patios come with a concrete patio slab.  This space could be transformed into a beautiful fake grass patio.  Instead of keeping the same dull look as every other home.  Our fake turf installers can place our stunning synthetic turf over the concrete to give your space a new look.

Wood Decking – Wooden decks provide great backyard areas; however, over time nails start to come up and children can get splinters from the wood.  Therefore, this is where artificial turf provides a unique decking covering that stops the splinters.  Plus, it looks amazing and brightens up the drab wood deck planks.

Pool SurroundsArtificial turf around the pool creates a perfect landscape for a relaxing escape.  Additionally, with fake grass, the messy grass-covered wet feet end.  This means a clean pool for all to enjoy without floating grass as you swim.  Or having mud puddles surrounding your pool from the water splashing out.  Instead, our fast-draining turf keeps your surround mud-free.

Balconies – Many homeowners in condos and townhouses utilize their balconies to create a stellar patio space.  With the use of artificial grass, your balcony can feel like a true outdoor space.  All with the gorgeous green fake grass to brighten up balconies.

So, are you ready to remodel the backyard patio or even a balcony?  Then, it’s time to call NexGen Lawns for an artificial turf carpet available for purchase today!  To schedule an in-home installation, please contact our staff at 1-888-844-0672.  Soon you’ll be on your way to a complete outdoor living space with synthetic grass!