New Exquisite Year Long Artificial Turf Backyard in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

Sometimes achieving that beautifully landscaped green grass in your yard can be tedious and tiring to upkeep year long. This was also the case in a Nichols Hills, Oklahoma yard where synthetic grass from NexGen Lawns was the perfect solution. There was also luscious landscaping throughout the backyard with beautiful flowers and shrubbery surrounding the house and pool. However, the upkeep of the green grass with also the watering, mowing, and edging was becoming exhausting.  Thus, an artificial turf backyard in Nichols Hills was the solution.

Below shows the nicely landscaped yard overlooking the pool and also surrounding the house with grass. To achieve that nice green grass on the island around the tree again takes constant watering to keep the grass growing surrounding the base of a tree. Furthermore do not forget about the tiresome mowing with mostly a weed-eater. Therefore to eliminate muddy grassy floating in the pool – artificial grass was the answer.

Solution: Artificial Turf Backyard in Nichols Hills

NexGen Lawns installed artificial grass in those hard-to-maintain smaller landscaped areas with specialized air panels through AirField Systems. The AirDrain panels provide an extra one-inch lift of air circulation which allows for water to quickly and easily drain through. The AirDrain panel is able to tolerate the harsh heat and bitter cold which classifies it as a “NoBreak” plastic. The specialized air panels install into place faster than gravel giving you that synthetic grass to enjoy sooner.

Once the air panels were also installed and synthetic grass was laid the only thing, therefore, left to do was to take pleasure in looking at the new artificial grass in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma. The synthetic grass was able to eliminate backyard mowing in those hard-to-reach places.  Especially around pavers, the swimming pool, and landscaped islands. With synthetic grass, you can also enjoy your exquisite backyard year long.  Plus, you’ll reduce your time watering (which includes your water bill as well) and mowing to relax and take in the outdoors.

If you’re ready to let NexGen Lawns use their novel technological advancements to ensure your lawn, sports field, or swimming pool surround looks exquisite year-round.  Please give NexGen Lawns a call today for an artificial turf backyard in Nichols Hills! One of our representatives will be happy to assist you in your next outdoor transformation.  You can also email us anytime with our online form. Remember to also ask for a free no-cost obligatory quote. A NexGen Lawns representative can therefore assist you with which artificial grass will work best for your next idea. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with all your artificial grass or turf needs.