Make Your Booth Pop with Artificial Trade Show Turf

If your business attends trade show events, conventions, or exhibit halls –then, give your booth a makeover with artificial trade show turf.  With the year almost over, it’s time to change it up for the next business year with a new design in your booth.  Individuals walking through these events often see a continually dull boring concrete ground.  However, NexGen Lawns’ visibly striking artificial grass can make your booth stand out from the competition.  The colorful ground covering of fake grass can give your booth a pop to stand out from the rest.

The stunning shades of green in our faux turf help to brighten up your booth with a warm feeling to potential prospects.  Or you can choose a different color than green from our variety of turf color options.  We can incorporate your company logo or business name into our artificial turf to help you market your company.  A new design to your current booth is simple with the addition of artificial turf as your ground covering.

artificial trade show turf

Give your next trade show booth more style with synthetic grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Set Up Quick with Strong Artificial Trade Show Turf

The process of setting up and tearing down at a convention can sometimes be highly time-consuming.  However, adding a synthetic ground covering is not!  NexGen Lawns artificial turf rolls out a beautiful realistic appearing fake grass surface.  Once the event is done and it’s time for tear down, artificial turf simply rolls back up.  Unlike the task of trying to piece together a mat-type surface for setup, and then having to break it apart to put it away.  In addition, artificial turf comes with exceptional strength for a durable surface.  Synthetic grass is resilient enough to withstand the heavy flow of continual foot traffic coming into your booth space.  The hard concrete flooring can become daunting on the feet; however, artificial turf treats your feet to a soft cushioned surface.  This is much easier on the joints!

Say goodbye to a boring dull showcase flooring, and hello to artificial turf at your next booth!  Our amazing staff can help prepare you for the next convention, exhibition, or trade show event with a surface that can help to draw in potential customers’ attention.  Additionally, our artificial turf for trade shows works great for both indoor and outdoor exhibits.  NexGen Lawns can customize your artificial turf to give you a new visual display.  So, call today at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about our many synthetic kinds of grass available.