Utilize Artificial Play Turf on the School Playgrounds

artificial play turf

Artificial play turf has been changing school playgrounds through the new look they create and even the feel.  This is why many schools and child care centers have made the choice to change out their worn-down ground to a new artificial turf surface.  The school playgrounds endure heavy use from numerous grade levels going outside to play daily for recess.  This continual use breaks down regular grass leaving school children left with dirt-covered ground.  However, artificial play turf offers exceptional strength to give kids a new playground that won’t leave them covered in dirt or dust.  If the playground is covered in wood chips or rubber mulch, these pieces can create chaos.  Kids kick these items around to leave the playground area a mess.  Not only that, but these pieces also stick to kids’ clothing and can become lodged in shoes.

NexGen Lawns brings a safer ground surface through our padded underlayment that provides a cushioned ground.  Most importantly, this soft-feeling pad helps keep kids safe on the playground.  The foam layer beneath the artificial grass helps to absorb impact with its cushion.  Therefore, this helps to give teachers watching and caregivers more peace of mind knowing kids are playing on a cushioned ground.

artificial play turf

Artificial grass provides children with a beautiful playground surface.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Play Turf has Minimal Maintenance

Artificial play turf comes with minimal maintenance to keep up with.  This is due to the high-quality synthetic surface that does not require watering, fertilizing, or mowing.  Therefore, you are left with great savings in maintenance costs and a neater-looking playground.  No messy wood chips to constantly sweep back in place or wasted watering to try to grow the grass.  Instead playground turf brings a clean surface that is even mud-free.  This is especially important to keep the school grounds free of mud for kids to go out for recess.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass has advanced drainage that rainwater flows beneath the turf.  Therefore, the playground not only has zero mud but also dries faster for kids to go outside to play.

NexGen Lawns can custom design a playground surface just for your space.  We offer many kinds of playground turf that come in multiple colors.  Whether you need a new school ground, child care playground, or play park – NexGen Lawns is your expert play turf installer.  Call today and ask for a free no-obligation quote for your playground.