Experience the Difference with Artificial Pet Grass

Dogs love their daily playtime outside! However, with active pet paws running over your lawn, many homes are left with dirt-filled yards lacking a soft green space for dog owners and pets to enjoy together. Experience the difference with artificial pet grass. Both the dog and the whole family should have a yard that everyone can utilize together. NexGen Lawns gives pets the perfect perk of having a year-round lawn with artificial pet grass. Dogs and the family will also love playing on the lawn together which is clean and odor-free. Our artificial turf is both pet and kid-friendly!  Thus, giving you a great family lawn for all with fake grass.

Experience Difference Artificial Pet Grass

Amazing Perks of Artificial Pet Grass

Resilient – NexGen Lawns K9 synthetic grass for dogs is also built of highly durable synthetic fibers to withstand all the fetch and catch time our furry friends love to play outdoors. The tough turf is perfect for high paw traffic and helps to discourage dogs from digging. The artificial pet turf is strong yet soft on paws and feet. No harmful rock-filled or concrete dog runs to worry about.

Hassle-Free – Everyone will love having a year-round green lawn to use without all the lawn work.  Instead, experience the difference between artificial pet grass.  Additionally, artificial grass provides a realistic lawn without yellowing, brown spots, or mud. The chores of mowing, watering, edging, seeding, and lawn applications will be a thing of the past. You’ll experience an always green and ready-for-play lawn.

Cleanlier – Are you ready for a cleanlier lawn and home too? With our rapid flow technology, the annoyance of mud will never be an issue again. The chore of trying to get pets to stay still to wipe off their paws before they enter the home will be gone. There will be no more muddy paws or shoes to track throughout the house. Instead, you’ll have a completely mud-free lawn and home! The drain system and our natural infill will also help to keep the artificial grass odor-free from pet waste.

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NexGen Lawns’ artificial pet turf can go across multiple areas. Our artificial grass can provide a beautiful green space across the whole lawn, in dog runs, and in dog kennels. Check out our amazing synthetic pet grass available in our store! Give NexGen Lawns professionals a call today at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about installing pet grass at your own home or dog kennel. Your dog will love NexGen Lawns K9 artificial grass!  And you’ll love the amazing perks that come with artificial pet grass!