Contact NexGen Lawns for Highly Skilled Artificial Lawn Installers

Sometimes even the most resourceful individuals can become distraught by the installation of artificial grass. Many see the process of installing artificial grass as easy as rolling out a carpet. That may be true if you are just trying to achieve an artificial grass rug over a deck or patio, but truly setting up synthetic grass in your lawn or designing a putting green requires a lot of manpower and prep work.

Without proper installation of synthetic grass, what would be a beautiful low-maintenance lawn could become a not-so-pretty landscape. Thus, contact NexGen Lawns for highly skilled artificial lawn installers. We not only supply excellent artificial grass products but are fully equipped to properly install your artificial grass project. That way you can rest assured knowing your end result will look amazing and save yourself the trouble of trying to install yourself.  We can assist homeowners, business owners, and contractors with all of their installation jobs.

Artificial Lawn InstallersOur professional staff can create a beautiful landscape of artificial grass around pavers, edging, and stepping stones. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Our Artificial Lawn Installers Do It All

  1. Preparation
    The prep work is highly important to achieve optimal end design. This includes gathering the correct measurements and prepping the ground. Our crew will save your back with the correct amount of removal of dirt and turf.
  2. Sub Layer
    The sub-layer can be daunting to work on without the necessary manpower. Therefore, the site needs an adequate sub-layer. We offer multiple items for your lawn to create the proper sub-layer. Contact our staff to learn more about optional products.
  3. Smooth the Surface
    Smoothing the surface out can be one of the hardest to achieve without the proper machines. Thus, without a smooth surface that has been compacted down, your lawn could have multiple lumps and creases appear. These uneven spots can also affect your drainage system. Therefore, it’s best to call in the pros at NexGen Lawns for a full installation process and to compact and smooth your artificial lawn.
  4. Securely Lay Artificial Lawn
    After all the necessary preparations, our installers securely lay the artificial lawn. We seam together the turf with care to ensure a beautiful end design.
  5. Infill & Clean Up
    Applying infill helps to keep your beautiful turf fibers standing up.  Additionally, our crew spreads infill across the surface area and takes care of the cleanup!

If you don’t want to begin a do-it-yourself synthetic grass project, then leave it up to the experts at NexGen Lawns. Our highly trained artificial lawn installers have all the supplies needed to outfit your lawn with a low-maintenance solution. Give us a call today at 1-888-844-0672.