Golf Anytime on NexGen Lawns Artificial Greens

Have you ever wished you could just go golfing anytime?  Without having to deal with set club hours?  Did you know NexGen Lawns’ artificial greens can give you the opportunity to go golfing anytime?  Yes, that’s right – an artificial green keeps a green surface for you to play any time of the year.  Since golf is such a great sport for all ages, why not bring the fun to your family?

Our high-end artificial greens come in a wide selection to meet your specific surface and needs.  Plus, we offer the most realistic golfing surface through our synthetic greens.  You can add one to your home or even your own business.  Additionally, once you have added an artificial green, you won’t have the tedious upkeep.  No precise trimming, fertilizing, or even watering with a fake putting green.  Instead, more time to putt away without having to interrupt your free time to trim the green.

artificial greens

Walk outside to your own beautiful synthetic green all year to perfect your golfing skills.

Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Wide Variety of Artificial Greens Installations

Backyards – Synthetic putting greens provide you with the perfect golfing escape.  Especially since it’s right in your own lawn!

Patios – The home patio can change your next cookout into a fun time of golf.  Now, you can cover your concrete patio with lush artificial putting grass through our professional installers.

Indoors – Did you know you can install an artificial green inside your own home?  Yes, you can have a golf room directly inside your home.  Whether it be in the garage, specific room, or even upstairs!  We create your very own indoor putting green.

Screened Porches – Why not sit out on the screened-in porch and have a mini green to putt on.  Screened porches shield you from the weather, yet give you an outdoor place to escape.  So, add a mini green to your porch for a great amenity.

Balconies – Have a small or large balcony?  Then, with the help of the NexGen Lawns team, you can add a large or small golfing space right on the balcony.

Pool Decks – Since you already have a relaxing swimming pool, add the fun of golf too!  We can add the addition of a putting green directly over your wooden pool deck.  Therefore, you can play golf, and then, take a dip in the pool!

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment or for any putting green questions, please call our team at 1-888-844-0672.  Additionally, we invite you to view our artificial golf green products online for purchase.