Start a New Craft with an Artificial Grass Topiary

Do you enjoy creating ornamental shapes?  Have you tried using artificial grass for your topiary crafts?  If not, artificial grass topiary gives an all-weather solution perfect for year-round decorations.  When regular grass browns away, faux grass still stays green for the perfect decor.  Even if you have not had the chance to experiment with making topiaries, you can start today through our carefree fake grass.  Synthetic grass provides a vibrant green showcase perfect for a topiary tree, shrub, or hedge.  Or even that fun-filled sculpture you’ve been thinking about creating.  Additionally, artificial grass allows you to stretch your geometric ideas that work throughout the whole landscape.  From wood-covered boxes, furniture, and more!  At NexGen Lawns, we can spruce up your outdoor living area with lush faux grass flooring, which will complement your topiaries.

artificial grass topiary

Synthetic grass gives any area a new eccentric design scheme from floors to making individual topiaries.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawn

Eliminate the Maintenance through an Artificial Grass Topiary

Topiaries can be hard to maintain with the constant trimming and clipping that is required to keep them in perfect shape.  However, artificial grass topiary provides a different solution.  This is due to the maintenance-free fake grass surface.  You can create a realistic-looking design, yet the demanding upkeep is no longer required.  Instead, after you have made your design come to fruition, you can sit back and truly enjoy it.  Not having to deal with any hard-to-reach space to water either.  Synthetic grass provides you the flexibility to create defined shapes that continue to stay green with less maintenance.

Synthetic grass not only provides unique decorations for residential homes but also can help showcase stores uniquely.  Faux grass usage creates eye-catching decor throughout any storefront.  Additionally, commercial business owners can place topiaries outside throughout the entire year.  This helps to provide greenery without any expensive care or time-consuming trimming.  Thus, synthetic grass will allow you to showcase your artwork anytime.  Fake grass is perfect for indoor or outdoor locations and storefronts!  You can get creative with synthetic grass surfaces from outside on the sidewalk to the interior floor of your store.

Our faux turf specialists can help you bring a new modern twist to both your home and business space.  So, for your next crafty project – call NexGen Lawns for an artificial grass project.  You can phone us at 1-888-844-0672, or simply fill out a short inquiry online through our website.