Can you put Artificial Grass on a Tiered Lawn?

Can you put Artificial Grass on a Tiered Lawn

A tiered lawn can make tending to the lawn difficult from growing to trying to maintain the grass.  This might have you thinking, can you put artificial grass on a tiered lawn?  Yes, NexGen Lawns provides installation of our quality synthetic grass products even on tiered lawns.   The tiers whether they are stones, stem walls, or railroad ties mean someone has to drag the lawnmower up and down each tier to trim the grass.  Let’s face it, that’s just downright exhausting!  Not to mention the edging, watering, and fertilizing applications that are needed as well.  Instead of tearing out your tier selections, go with artificial grass!  Usually, tiers are put in place for a good reason and artificial grass can go over these sections to give you a stunning look.

artificial grass tiered lawn

Artificial grass helps this multi-tiered lawn look amazing and full across the tiers.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Remodel your Tiered Lawn with Artificial Grass

As you can see from the picture above, artificial grass transformed this tiered lawn into a beautiful display.  The artificial grass gives a clean and nicely edged lawn even around the tiers and trees.  There’s no mowing or edging needed now either!  Even when you have multiple tiers like this lawn, artificial grass can remodel your lawn to an easier lawn.  Our installers can craft around flower beds, trees, stepping stones, and much more for a clean look.

This lawn was not only just tiered but had numerous mature trees that can make growing grass highly difficult.  However, with artificial grass, you can enjoy your mature trees and shade and not have to worry about trying to get the grass to grow.  Areas directly around the tree base can struggle to compete for nutrients and water with the tree to grow.  Thus, this usually leaves your lawn with bare patches around the trees or very sparse grass.  Our team installs artificial grass directly around mature trees for a nice sharp look.  Therefore, you can have a full-looking lawn even directly around mature tree bases.

If you want the exact same look, this homeowner had NexGen Lawns K9 Rugged Turf installed.  The name should help you know, this turf is even dog-friendly!  That way, you can let your dog out to enjoy the lawn too.  This K9 Rugged artificial grass has two color tones of field green and olive green in the blades.  Additionally, the thatch layer has two colors of tan and brown.  These multiple color combinations and our delustered artificial fibers truly give you a realistic-looking lawn.

Call the NexGen Lawns Installers

Artificial grass gives you that nice manicured look without the time-consuming chores.  Now, that you know NexGen Lawns installers can put artificial grass on a tiered lawn, then call our team at 888-844-0672 for your own professional installation service.  Shop our wide options of artificial grass and synthetic turf products for your own space.  We have numerous selections of artificial grass to choose from and also are here to help you with selecting the right one for your own lawn.