Spruce Up your Business with an Artificial Grass Sidewalk

When customers are out shopping, does your business stand out from the rest along the busy sidewalk? People that are out shopping or window shopping are looking for something that draws their attention. If you want a creative way to attract more potential shoppers to your business, it’s time to think outside the front windows and what you have placed out front. Spruce up your business with an artificial grass sidewalk.

When walking down the sidewalk, all the sidewalks look exactly the same. You will see the same gray and boring sidewalk in front of every store. Instead, try something new and modern and change your business with an artificial grass sidewalk. To instantly attract potential shoppers, an artificial grass sidewalk changes the contrast out front to a bright and eye-catching storefront. Artificial grass is so vibrant it draws even the individuals walking or driving past to their next destination to look at your store. It’s an easy marketing concept that can be used in many different facets.

spruce business artificial grass sidewalkArtificial grass sidewalks stay green year-round and require no lawn care upkeep. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Grass Sidewalk Has Multiple Uses

The artificial grass used in front of storefronts provides more than just a beautiful landscape. It can go also transform into a colorful outdoor flooring design to showcase items uniquely. The beautiful green faux grass is the perfect backdrop to differentiate your shop from the rest. You can also place tables, chairs, and picnic tables across the faux grass for outdoor seating. Shoppers can relax or even shop right out front of your store. Synthetic grass is also both pet and kid-friendly. Therefore, you can add a special doggy play space with an artificial grass installation. Or create a fun zone of family-friendly games like mini-golf, corn hole, or horseshoes. The possibilities are endless to give your business a makeover starting simply with the outdoor sidewalks.

Artificial grass is also the perfect addition to give your next sidewalk sale a more attractive and inviting space for potential shoppers. At NexGen Lawns, we carry a premium artificial grass sidewalk for purchase that can be used not only outside, but inside your store as well. With the help of our artificial grass design team, we can help create the perfect retail design for your store. Give our turf team a call today at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about all the multiple uses of artificial grass that can spruce up your business space and set you apart from the competition.