NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Redmond, Artificial Turf in Redmond, WA

Artificial Grass RedmondTo acquire only the best artificial grass in Redmond with complete professional installation, NexGen Lawns is the company to contact.  We supply the utmost premier choices of synthetic grass and artificial turf in Redmond, Washington.  Therefore, select our expert installers to makeover your home or commercial needs with our specially crafted artificial grass in Redmond.  Our modern artificial turf covers numerous types of environmental settings.  For example, we install backyard putting greens, playgrounds, landscaping turf, sports fields, dog fields, and more.  Additionally, we install indoor artificial grass Redmond settings as well.

The highly skillful NexGen Lawns artificial grass Redmond installers come with vast knowledge to give you a truly professional experience.  Whether you need fake grass for your school, home, sporting club, business, or park – NexGen Lawns possesses the skills for your specific project.  Therefore, call the staff at NexGen Lawns to begin your artificial grass in Redmond, Washington installation process.

Artificial Grass Redmond Options

NexGen Lawns offers multiple artificial grass Redmond options to suit businesses and homes.  Therefore, to hear of a few benefits and artificial grass Redmond options – please continue to read below.

Home Artificial Grass Redmond

Home Artificial Grass RedmondHave you been thinking about installing home artificial grass in Redmond, WA?  Then, through NexGen Lawns, you can have a beautiful landscaping feature with fake grass.  The benefit of utilizing artificial grass on the lawn comes with extremely easy maintenance.  This is unlike the duties of regular grass that require you to give up your time to work on the lawn.  Therefore, you can get more time back from not having to water the grass, mow, or apply toxic fertilizer treatments.  In addition, you’ll even be helping to reduce your water usage to lower your bill.  All of this comes through an eco-friendly home artificial grass Redmond lawn. 

Home artificial grass in Redmond works across many different types of surfaces.  Some of the areas include balconies, rooftops, concrete patios, decks, and driveways.  Therefore, even if you don’t have a true lawn NexGen Lawns can provide you with a stunning faux grass display.  Our talented installers can incorporate a new colorful style around the pool, between stepping stones, or add a bocce ball court to the lawn.  Wherever the new look with artificial grass in Redmond, you will have a lush surface with minimal upkeep.  So make the change to a new contemporary look with home artificial grass in Redmond, and call to start discussing your property!

Pet Turf Redmond

Pet Turf RedmondAre you searching for a good-quality surface for your dog?  Then, NexGen Lawns pet turf in Redmond gives dogs an excellent ground covering.  Our strong fibers are built to keep up with active dogs to run, play, and train on.  In addition, our pet turf in Redmond brings a soft turf that’s gentler on paws than gravel or concrete runs.  Artificial grass for pets brings a highly advanced surface equipped with a drainage system.  Therefore, both pet urine and rainwater drain through the artificial turf to leave a drier and cleanlier lawn.  You also have a better-smelling yard and zero mud!

The high durability of pet turf in Redmond makes it a great choice for dog businesses.  NexGen Lawns can suit your training school, dog spa, and doggy daycare with artificial pet turf.  Therefore, your doggy clients will have a strong surface built for multiple dog activities across the turf.  Pet turf in Redmond helps provide your dog business with fewer maintenance duties to help you save money.  Additionally, your outdoor dog lawn will look great by providing a green turf surface all year.  No messy dirt tracks, muddy areas, or bare grass spots.  Instead offer a full lawn through our dog-friendly pet turf in Redmond at your business.

Artificial Turf Redmond for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf RedmondThe highly time-consuming care that comes with sports fields brings expensive costs.  Keeping the field adequately maintained to be prepared and ready for games and practices significantly adds up.  However artificial turf Redmond for sports fields comes as a one-off cost to save you money and field time.  The reduction in grounds work from no watering, seeding, trimming, and fertilizing will save you greatly.  Therefore, artificial turf Redmond for sports fields will be ready for more field utilization.  You can now host more tournament events, practices, and games for your sports players by selecting to use synthetic grass by NexGen Lawns.

An artificial turf Redmond for sports fields gives your park, club, or school a place for multiple sports to play.  For example, some sports like soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse, and softball can utilize the same playing field.  A multi-use astro turf style field helps to save you from having to keep up with multiple fields when one field can do it.  Additionally, you can provide a multipurpose field for not only sporting events but also outside venues.  Artificial turf Redmond for sports fields even reduces field cancellations from wet field conditions that can cause mud.  This is due to the quick drainage. Therefore, you will have a playing field open for more usage.

Backyard Putting Green Redmond

Backyard Putting Green RedmondHow would you like to have the availability to play golf right at home anytime?  Then, a backyard putting green in Redmond gives you just that!  NexGen Lawns customizes our synthetic grass to your space and golf needs.  Now, instead of having to find the time to drive to play golf, you can just open the backdoor.  You can improve your short game and have a valuable amenity right at your own home through a backyard putting green in Redmond.  Additionally, you don’t have to deal with trimming the green or making sure it is well-watered.  Add a synthetic grass putting green and have fun mastering your swing at home with NexGen Lawns.

Need a new ground surface for your golf club?  Then, the high-end synthetic grass from NexGen Lawns can change your golf course, driving range, and indoor greens.  We offer to remodel your current surface and install new synthetic grass for commercial golfing.  Once you have switched to synthetic grass, your business will see great savings.  This is from the reduction of outdoor upkeep from costly water usage and mowing.  Instead, synthetic grass provides a superior golfing surface for golfers to tee off throughout the year.  Therefore, change to synthetic grass in Redmond for your greens to reduce the high costs of maintenance.

Playground Turf Redmond

Playground Turf RedmondOutdoor parks and playgrounds all endure a massive amount of kids playing and running along the ground.  This is why a strong play surface is needed to keep up active feet.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns offers playground turf in Redmond to provide a durable and cushioned surface.  With children’s safety in mind, we provide an additional layer of padding beneath our artificial playground turf.  This foam cushion gives a softer playground to help protect kids from coming in contact with dangers.  Unlike rough concrete or pea gravel ground, which is highly dangerous.  Additionally, playground turf in Redmond won’t brown away at the end of the season.  Kids can continue to play all year with artificial turf!

Playground turf in Redmond provides a fun atmosphere for children to play right at home.  Our installers can remodel the whole backyard or just in a specific area where the playground equipment is placed.  Once you have artificial grass in place, you won’t have to deal with the edging or mowing where the kids play!  Additionally, NexGen Lawns gives more than homes a new play zone – we can remodel the school grounds or childcare center.  Playground turf in Redmond ends the messy shoe prints from coming back with the rapid drainage below the turf.  The drainage system also dries the playground or backyard fast. Therefore, children do not have to wait for days for the ground to dry.

Contact the staff at NexGen Lawns for the purchase of artificial grass in Redmond, and for our professional artificial turf installers in Redmond, Washington.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.