Can I put Artificial Grass on a Patio?

The search for a new surface for your patio might have you thinking about synthetic grass.  Many ask can I put artificial grass on a patio.  Yes, NexGen Lawns installs premium quality artificial grass directly across patios.  Patios offer an additional outdoor living space for homes.  As well as creating a great outdoor seating or activity spot for businesses.  Why not create an amazing outdoor patio with synthetic turf then?  The addition of artificial grass gives your patio a nice clean modern look.  You can revamp your patio in a variety of ways with fake turf from covering the whole surface to specific sections.  Whether you are thinking about adding faux turf to your home patio or commercial property, our team can transform your patio space.

Can I put artificial grass on a patio?

This artificial turf patio adds a splash of color and comfort to the outdoor space.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Can I put Artificial Grass on a Patio?

Placing artificial grass on a patio will change your ground from hard concrete to our soft-feeling turf.  We carry high-end synthetic turf products that you can feel the quality in the softness of our fibers.  Therefore, you can remodel hard grounds into much softer ground.  That way you’ll change not only the feel but also the look of your patio.  Now, you can walk outside and feel the nice lush faux fibers beneath your feet instead of having hard concrete ground.  Artificial grass is easy to maintain unlike trying to grow grass on your patio.  Faux grass can go over the ground, concrete patios, and deck patios.  Additionally, you won’t have to mow or keep up with the outdoor watering with fake turf.  Another reason many have changed their patios with synthetic turf.

Remember to contact NexGen Lawns, when you ask can I put artificial grass on a patio.  We offer multiple selections of synthetic turfs to cover many types of areas.  Additionally, why not add more fun to your patio and incorporate an artificial putting green.  We can get you set up to work on your golf skills right on your own patio with a putting green.  Artificial grass putting greens are also a great amenity to add to businesses!  Our staff can help you bring your outdoor patio space to a fun space with minimal upkeep.  Therefore, give us a call today at 888-844-0672 to discuss plans for synthetic grass on the patio at your house or business.