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Artificial Grass Louisville

NexGen Lawns provides highly advanced artificial grass in Louisville, Kentucky for home and commercial landscapes.  Our exceptionally knowledgeable team of artificial turf installers in Louisville work across a variety of environments.  This includes both indoor fake grass installations as well as outdoor synthetic turf installations.  We carry multiple options of synthetic grass in Louisville for different needs and styles.  Our professionals provide artificial grass in Louisville for homes, dog runs, playgrounds, parks, batting cages, putting greens, and commercial applications.  Our highly talented fake turf installers in Louisville deliver a professional artificial grass installation with our variety of premium synthetic turf in Louisville, Kentucky.  NexGen Lawns is here to assist you in your purchase and artificial grass installation in Louisville, Kentucky.

Artificial grass in Louisville from NexGen Lawns offers you a lawn that looks realistic due to our highly advanced synthetic grass fibers.  We have multiple styles of artificial grass to give you a large selection to select the best for your needs and style.  Our artificial grass in Louisville comes in different turf heights, colors, and is designed for different uses.  Whether you want pet-friendly artificial grass for a dog run, or looking for an indoor batting cage turf, our team can help you in selection the right fake grass for your needs.  NexGen Lawns provides highly durable synthetic grass no matter if it’s for an outdoor or indoor installation.  To start your stunning artificial grass installation from NexGen Lawns, contact our team of fake turf installers in Louisville, Kentucky.

Artificial Grass Louisville Options

NexGen Lawns has many different artificial grass Louisville options to meet your residential and commercial needs.  Continue to read below to learn more about some of the different artificial grass Louisville options in Jefferson County and other surrounding locations.

Residential Synthetic Grass Louisville

Residential Synthetic Grass LouisvilleHome lawn care can consume your weekends and free time with the continual need to mow, fertilize, and water the lawn.  Not to mention bagging up grass clippings, applying grass seeds, and edging around your lawn.  Instead, invest in giving yourself a break from all these lawn chores with residential synthetic grass in Louisville, Kentucky.  Residential synthetic grass in Louisville offers you a waterless lawn that you no longer need a bulky lawn mower.  Since the artificial grass does not require watering, this means you can save money on your outdoor watering bill.  Residential synthetic grass in Louisville gives you a lovely lawn all year that’s both dog and child-friendly.  Therefore, the entire family can enjoy time together outside without dealing with any messy grass.  Instead, family gatherings will be a breeze with the easy maintenance of residential synthetic grass in Louisville, Kentucky.

Residential synthetic grass in Louisville offers a fantastic curb appeal to both homes and commercial businesses.  The beautiful color options of synthetic grass can spruce up your outdoor spaces.  Whether you are thinking about a total lawn transformation or a specified location – NexGen Lawns works across different surfaces.  This also includes decks, balconies, rooftops, patios, and even around swimming pools.  Synthetic grass can add a complementary color choice to these different locations with low maintenance.  The nice-looking faux green grass looks stunning next to blue pool water or stone pavers.  Now, when you take a dip in the pool, your feet won’t be covered in grass clippings with a synthetic grass pool surround.  Additionally, fake grass comes with quick drainage to leave the turf mud-free.  If you’re ready to remodel your landscape with residential artificial grass in Louisville call our team to enjoy the low upkeep of fake grass.

Artificial Turf for Dogs in Louisville

Artificial Turf for Dogs in LouisvilleHas your backyard fallen into ruin from your dog or dogs?  Then, call NexGen Lawns to install artificial turf for dogs in Louisville, Kentucky.  Regular grass lawns can wear out pretty fast with the hyperactivity of dogs just trying to play outside.  However, once your sod grass is worn down it can leave pits and bare spots leaving you with an unsightly lawn.  As well as, a lawn that can turn dangerous with pits for dogs and people to trip.  Additionally, rain turns these dirt-worn spots into messy mud.  Instead, artificial turf for dogs in Louisville comes with an advanced drainage system.  Its quickly drains rainwater and also pet urine.  This drainage helps to keep your yard mud-free and also helps to reduce smelly odors.  With artificial pet turf in place, your dogs can play outside and not track muddy paws back on your home floors.

Artificial turf for dogs in Louisville can be installed throughout your entire lawn to just a specific location like a dog run.  Additionally, our synthetic pet grass installers provide businesses and dog-focused businesses with our highly durable artificial turf.  Our exceptional quality fake turf can withstand heavy traffic at busy places like dog parks, kennels, and boarding facilities.  The fake turf comes with UV protection to keep the dog lawn or run green.  This helps to provide a well-kept look at your business as well as a year-round lawn for the dogs.  Our fake dog turf does not discolor from potty breaks which can leave those ugly yellow circles on the lawn.  Artificial turf for dogs in Louisville offers a low-maintenance lawn solution for businesses.  Therefore, you can reduce your expenses on outdoor lawn care with artificial turf.  Our installers provide both outdoor and indoor pet turf in Louisville.

Artificial Turf Louisville for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf LouisvilleArtificial turf Louisville for sports fields gives parks, schools, and sporting clubs a playing field that’s not just limited to one sport.  Oftentimes, regular sod grass fields are limited to having just one specific sport played on that field.  This can limit what your school, park, or sports club can offer to the Louisville area.  Instead, artificial turf Louisville for sports fields provides a field that is multipurpose to offer more sports.  Different sports can all utilize the same synthetic field from lacrosse, field hockey, football, soccer, baseball, and much more.  In addition, artificial turf offers more than just a sports field, it provides a multi-use surface for different events.  For example, you can host outdoor classes, exercise classes, gatherings, and other events.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf in Louisville for sports fields is not only for outdoors, but also for indoor use for training fields, batting cages, and more.

Regular grass sporting fields require costly maintenance to keep the fields in good condition.  Keeping up with the field maintenance from mowing, fertilized, and watering is not only costly, but this upkeep time also limits field use.  This means valuable time is taken away from coaches, athletes, and trainers due to field closures from upkeep.  However, artificial turf Louisville for sports fields comes with little maintenance.  That way your athletes have more time to use the playing fields.  Artificial turf does not require any watering or mowing and keeps green all year.  Thus, an astro style field provides your players and coaches with a field they can use for all seasons.  Whether it’s for additional tournaments, off-season training, or additional games – artificial turf sports fields in Louisville provide you with different opportunities.  To hear more about the numerous artificial turf options in Louisville, contact our NexGen Lawns professionals in Kentucky.

Backyard Putting Green Louisville

Backyard Putting Green LouisvillePracticing your golf swing can be difficult trying to find the time and having to pack up and drive to the nearest course.  Instead, have some fun and work on your short game at home with a backyard putting green in Louisville.  NexGen Lawns provides premium quality synthetic grass putting greens that come with amazing ball roll.  Our backyard putting greens in Louisville are completely customized to your space and style.  Whether you want just a smaller putting green to work on your short game or looking for a putting green with a bunker for some bunker shots, our professionals are the ones to call.  We install synthetic grass greens across different surfaces from patios, decks, and even inside homes.  Therefore, no matter the space – the NexGen Lawns installers can provide you with your very own backyard putting green in Louisville, KY.  Additionally, putting greens are family-friendly and add value.

Synthetic grass putting greens not only provide a great amenity for homes but also for businesses looking to add something fun.  A great benefit to artificial grass is that it provides businesses with a golfing surface that does not require the costly upkeep of regular grass.  Keeping sod-covered greens in good condition requires costly watering, fertilizing, applying seeds, and mowing.  These maintenance items require the green, range, or course to close for upkeep time.  Instead, switching to synthetic grass helps businesses to reduce their outdoor maintenance.  Additionally, synthetic grass keeps green for a golf surface that you can use all seasons.  This helps your golf clients to have more time to golf when normally with regular grass the putting greens have to close due to brown grass.  No matter if you want a new synthetic grass green or want to refurbish your current greens or course, contact NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Louisville

Playground Turf LouisvilleNexGen Lawns’ playground turf Louisville can renovate your back lawn into a low upkeep space for your children or grandchildren to play.  No more lawn mowing or edging around the base of play equipment to mess with anymore.  Our highly skilled artificial play turf installers transform your backyard into a realistic-looking play surface without the hassles of regular grass.  Whether you are interested in renovating your whole lawn or just the space that houses the playground equipment, our installers have your needs covered.  The playground turf in Louisville provides a green ground for children to play on all year.  The synthetic grass feels soft and even has the option of a foam pad underlayment for extra cushioning.  This foam pad is highly elastic and helps to absorb shock to protect children while they play outside.  To brighten up your playground, we offer playground turf Louisville in multiple color selections.

Playground turf in Louisville not only provides home lawns with a beautiful playground surface, but our team also installs at schools, parks, and daycares.  These locations are often busy with the high use they receive and durable ground is a must.  Therefore, select playground turf in Louisville for a strong play surface that is also highly durable.  Additionally, artificial turf is tidy compared to messy playgrounds filled with mulch or pebbles.  These items scatter across the ground, stick on clothing and hair, and are tracked back indoors.  Instead, playground turf in Louisville provides a well-kept playground with an advanced drainage system to drain rainwater.  Rain showers can quickly turn parks and playgrounds into mud-filled playgrounds.  This can lead to canceled outdoor recess for days till the playground dries back out.  Instead, playground turf dries fast for children to play outdoors soon after the rain has ended.

For the purchase of artificial grass in Louisville, Kentucky – give the NexGen Lawns professional installers of artificial turf in Kentucky a phone call at 888-844-0672.  ASK US FOR A FREE ESTIMATE.