Artificial Grass in Backyard Means Relaxation

How does a weekend of relaxation without any lawn work sound?  Then, you’ll love the results with artificial grass in the backyard!  Having artificial grass in the backyard means a true year-round outdoor space.  This means no more dead winter lawns, mud-covered spring lawns, or dry summer lawns.  Sounds good, right?  Instead, with the installation of synthetic grass, everyone in the family will have a backyard to play or just relax upon.   In addition, no one has to mess with the push mower, trimming along the sidewalk or driveway, or running the sprinkler all summer.  Without all those summer lawn chores means more relaxation time for the whole family.  Plus, you won’t have to deal with any other seasonal lawn work like seeding or fertilizing.  This is why many homeowners have enjoyed the benefits of having a backyard filled with artificial grass.

artificial grass in backyard

Many Uses for Artificial Grass in Backyard

An artificial grass back lawn brings lots of opportunities for you to use the lawn.  Have an upcoming celebration, birthday party, or barbeque?  Then, synthetic grass comes primed and ready for the next get-together.  There are no annoyances of trying to quickly prepare the backyard with careful trimming.  Instead, go ahead and lay out the lounge chairs and start to enjoy the party.  Plus, at the next family gathering, or if the kids have friends over they can all play a quick football scrimmage.  This is due to the heavy-duty quality fibers that can stand up to heavy foot traffic.  In addition, the family dog can go out and join in with our pet-friendly artificial turf grass.  That’s not all, artificial grass in the backyard allows for a soft playground equipment ground covering.  Kids can play on playsets, set up a soccer match, or play bocce ball.

Are you ready to take comfort in the easy and relaxing synthetic grass lawn system through NexGen Lawns?  Then, call our team to have a low-maintenance backyard solution that is a non-watering synthetic grass lawn.  We offer premium backyard artificial grass available for any size of lawn.  You can easily see our wide selection of artificial grass in the backyard available for online purchases anytime.  Please give our NexGen Lawns staff a ring today at 1-888-844-0672.  Or simply fill out our online request form to contact a team member for a versatile back synthetic lawn.  A synthetic turf lawn gives both a functional lawn and an eloquent lawn throughout the whole backyard.