10 Ultimate Artificial Grass Ideas

Do you need some inspiration to help you with a new landscaping idea?  Then, NexGen Lawns has rounded up some amazing designs to give you some artificial grass ideas for you to consider and help you with a lawn makeover.  Synthetic grass provides such a beautiful surface that’s highly versatile.  Thus, this is why so many homeowners have selected fake grass for a new fresh look.   Plus, you’ll experience a truly remarkable surface that has minimal maintenance.  Our team of artificial grass installers can makeover your outdoor space into a lovely new design.

10 Ultimate Artificial Grass Ideas for a New Design:

Front Lawn with Synthetic Grass

artificial grass ideasThe front lawn is the first thing that visitors see when coming to your home.  Therefore, why not make your front lawn stand out with a fresh twist through synthetic grass.  This home looks amazing with an asymmetrical synthetic grass circle for a relaxing sitting area.  Our team can help you achieve a beautiful front lawn with synthetic grass.

Backyard Putting Green

backyard putting green

Everyone can have fun and work on their putting skills with a synthetic grass putting green in the backyard.  Backyard putting greens provide you the opportunity to work on your swing without having to leave your home.  Additionally, they add great value to your home!  Our installers can add multiple holes to even sand or artificial turf bunkers to suit your style!

Patio with Artificial Grass

artificial grass patio

Homes with smaller lawns or no lawns altogether can make having a grassy spot hard.  However, synthetic grass provides patios with the perfect combination of a faux grass patio and green space.  Synthetic grass can go directly over boring patios for a bright new design.  In addition, you can have your patio stand out with artificial grass surrounding your patio.

Deck with Synthetic Grass

artificial grass deck

Synthetic grass can truly transform your wooden deck with a plush-feeling surface under your feet.  Wooden decks can splinter and nails can pop up causing a rough and even dangerous surface.  Instead, opt for a new look for your deck with a soft covering of fake grass.  We can also add a synthetic grass putting green to your deck!

Artificial Turf on a Rooftop

synthetic grass rooftop

Many people might overlook adding synthetic grass to a rooftop.  However, these spaces usually lack color and greenery.  That’s where synthetic grass can remodel the space with a green area across the rooftop.  Or change your rooftop to a fun zone with the addition of an artificial grass putting green.

Pavers with Artificial Grass

artificial grass pavers

Stone or brick pavers with artificial grass placed between the pavers bring amazing design possibilities!  The contrast of colors from the pavers and the bright synthetic grass complements each other for a stunning look.  Artificial grass with pavers makes a beautiful walkway to have around your home.

Artificial Playgrounds

artificial turf playground

Keep the children clean and your backyard with playground turf!  Artificial turf changes the playground space from what used to be tedious to keep the ground clean to a nice green lawn.  Additionally, you no longer have to mow around the playground equipment.  You and the children or grandchildren can play on a softer surface with our padded artificial turf options available.

Pool Surround with Synthetic Grass

fake grass pool surround

Artificial turf around your swimming pool not only looks and feels great but also helps to keep the space tidy.  Thus, you won’t have those pesky grassy feet getting in and out of the pool with faux grass.  Instead, you can have a realistic-looking artificial turf around your swimming pool for a cleaner area.  No more muddy lawn to contend with either due to the quick drainage of the artificial turf.

Driveway with Fake Grass

artificial grass driveway

Changing the driveway with artificial turf can make your home stand out from the rest with the eloquent look of faux grass.  Whether it’s weaving artificial turf into your driveway or encompassing around the driveway with fake grass.  The artificial turf brings in a pop of color for oftentimes a space in front of homes that get overlooked.

Backyard with Artificial Grass

artificial grass backyard

Artificial grass provides the backyard with a low-maintenance surface.  This means you’ll have more time to enjoy the outdoors without having to drag out the lawnmower or sprinkler.  Additionally, our high-quality artificial grass is even dog-friendly!  Thus, the perfect lawn solution for the whole family to use that keeps your backyard looking pristine!

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