Add Artificial Grass for Playgrounds to the Home

The surface underneath play equipment should be a safe and fun place for kids, and artificial grass for playgrounds can create that!  Since you have either already made an investment in a play space or looking to buy a future playset, make sure to invest in the surface space too.  After all, the surface area will be what protects kids when they trip or fall down.  Synthetic grass gives kids a soft playing area that is cushioned for extra protection.  With the addition of synthetic turf at home, kids will have a cleaner area and parents will have a beautiful landscape.  What’s more to ask than that!  Plus, the faux grass landscape does not require upkeep.  No edging around swing sets, mowing between posts, or watering.  Instead, just more time to watch the children or grandchildren play without having to mow.

artificial grass for playgrounds

Synthetic grass underneath play sets provides a beautiful and well-landscaped playing area.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Mess-Free – When children play outside the ground surface can quickly cause messes.  However, artificial turf grass is different in the fact that it swiftly drains water to leave a mud-free play area.  This keeps kids mess-free from any squishy mud or even dirt.

Green Surface – The shade from playsets and the continual use quickly change the normal grass ground to dead spots or dirt.  However, with artificial grass for playgrounds as the surface, the ground is always a green surface.  This means a green surface for the entire year without any work!

Stain-Free – Are you tired of the kids coming back inside covered in grass stains?  Then, artificial turf provides a solution to help kids stay free of grass stains.  Artificial turf does not leave those pesky stained knees on pants or shirts.

Reduces Allergies – Fake grass helps to reduce allergies since it does not give off any pollen.  Which is especially helpful for children suffering from allergies.  Additionally, not only does artificial grass around the playground help adults and kids with allergies, but it also helps pets too.

Now, those are just a few benefits that come along with synthetic turf at playgrounds.  To learn more about other benefits of artificial grass for playgrounds, please contact the NexGen Lawns staff.  Simply fill out our online form or give us a call at 1-888-844-0672.  We would love to hear from you and begin helping to create a playground or park setting with artificial turf!