Trade the Mess for a Artificial Grass Backyard

The home backyard should be a place of enjoyment to watch the kids or dog play, and just to sit back.  However, a regular lawn can turn messy fast from wear, shade, and water.  This is why many homeowners are making the decision to change to an artificial grass backyard.  Shade from rooflines, trees, and fences can make growing the lawn highly difficult.  Regular grass struggles with inadequate sunlight; therefore, leaving you with a spotty lawn or no grass at all.  An artificial turf lawn provides you with a solution to the shade struggle.  Plus, fake grass ends those messy feet or paws coming back inside muddy from the rain.  Everyone can continue to play after it rains without worrying about mud due to the drainage underneath the fake turf.  This is a tremendous help for young children and pets to play on the mud-free surface of artificial grass.

artificial grass backyard

An artificial turf lawn gives the lawn a boost with a full and lush surface for the whole family to use.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Utilize More with an Artificial Grass Backyard

The addition of artificial grass at your home means having a usable lawn the entire year without the work.  The kids can go outside to play on a full and soft lawn, and not come back inside covered in grass stains or mud.  Additionally, this applies to the family dog too!  The family dog or dogs will have a strong fake lawn to exercise during summer and winter.  Instead of having to stop outside playtime after the grass has died, fake grass gives your household the opportunity to play more on a green faux lawn.

Or you can simply have a gorgeous backdrop for a relaxing cookout or family gathering.  Either way, you can utilize the lawn more through a fake grass backyard.  Additionally, you won’t have to rush home to mow before an event or during the weekend.  You’ll have a lawn that’s trimmed for all the seasons with fake grass.  An artificial grass backyard saves your spare time to use on other things besides lawn chores.

Why keep watching the grass fade away? Instead, you can have the pleasure all year viewing a beautiful green artificial grass backyard.  NexGen Lawns carries a wide range of premium artificial grass to suit your lawn.  We offer professional artificial grass installation services at home residences and commercial landscapes.  So, call our fake grass crew to start your renovation at 1-888-844-0672.