Create a New Artificial Grass Backyard Seating Area

Outdoor seating areas in the backyard should give you a relaxing space.  If your seating area is turning into chaos, then create a new artificial grass backyard seating area with the help of NexGen Lawns.  Therefore you can experience a more relaxing space due to the less upkeep you’ll have with fake grass.  Let’s face it, keeping up with grass care can turn into a  nuisance and quite time-consuming.  Regular grass leaves you left with little free time between the watering, lawn mowing, and even fertilizer treatments.  Additionally, you won’t have the hassle of moving the patio furniture off the grass to mow.  Then, dragging the outdoor furniture back in place.  Why not give yourself a well-deserved break from all the grass maintenance and enjoy an artificial lawn?

artificial grass backyard seating area

Enjoy a meal in your backyard across a beautiful artificial turf seating area.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Grass Backyard Seating Area Offers a Place for the Whole Family

Parents, grandparents, children, and even the family dog can all walk across a stunning new faux lawn surface.  By choosing to apply artificial turf, children and even dogs will have a soft ground to play on.  Unlike a hard concrete patio or wooden deck as your backyard seating area surface.  These surfaces feel cold and look drab.  Additionally,  pet accidents can easily be washed away with artificial turf, leaving a cleaner seating area.  Eating outside can be a breeze now without having to deal with keeping the grass growing and maintained.  Or having to make sure grass clippings are bagged up before you can enjoy your meal.  This is a great benefit for family gatherings, outdoor parties, or backyard meals.  Instead of trying to make sure you have mowed the grass ahead of your gathering, you’ll know artificial grass is always ready!

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Artificial turf creates not only seating areas but also a wonderful surface for many other activities. Fake turf can create a dog run or playground space for any business or home. Pet owners love their animals and therefore bring them everywhere, so why not add a dog park or dog run? Thus, if your business is looking to add a fresh new feature with artificial turf, please give NexGen Lawns a call today.  One of our representatives will be happy to assist you and your beloved pet in your next artificial grass backyard seating area.  Please contact our team at 888-844-0672!