Add a New Artificial Grass Backyard Garden

Have you been looking into a new backyard garden space?  Why not invest in a new artificial grass backyard garden.  Artificial grass takes the worry away from caring for the grass.  This allows you to enjoy your summer and travel and not worry about what height the grass might be when you return.  Additionally, when you are home, you can spend your time on other things than trimming the lawn.  Artificial grass provides an outside space for the whole family to utilize.  This also even includes the family dog!  The dog and child-friendly synthetic grass from NexGen Lawns provides a clean space without the hard dirt or messy grass clippings.  Instead, you can have a soft faux grass ground through our quality synthetic grass right in your backyard garden.

artificial grass backyard garden

The beautiful look of artificial grass transforms the backyard with olive green tones.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial grass provides both a great front and backyard garden space or both!  The children can play on the soft fake turf and you can take pleasure in less lawn work.  The addition of synthetic grass to your home can go across many spaces.  Thus, if you need a new patio surface, rooftop, or courtyard, synthetic grass can be installed across these spaces.  Therefore, this means you can have a faux grass space across a variety of surfaces for a nice touch to the ground.  This gives you both flexibility and style options of where you want to add the lush-looing and feeling fake grass outdoors to your home.

Add a New Artificial Grass Backyard Garden

Synthetic grass is the perfect solution to bring added value to your home. It’s a safe clean environment for children to enjoy outside with no worries of upkeep on the parents.  In addition, fake grass is also dog-friendly too!  The design experts at NexGen Lawns will work closely with you to bring your home or business a well-manicured lawn it deserves.  You deserve a break from lawn care and artificial grass provides you just that!  Our installers are here to craft you a lawn that is nice and easy.

Give us a call today; one of our highly knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you in achieving your perfect outdoor garden space.  Contact us at 888-844-0672.  You can also email us anytime with our online form.  Additionally, we invite you to explore our artificial grass products you can purchase online.