Remodel with Artificial Grass at Dog Shelter

The team at NexGen Lawns can help you to remodel with artificial grass at dog shelter.  Or at kennels, daycares, and even outside dog parks.  Artificial grass helps to provide a safe and clean environment for dogs to get outside and release any pent-up energy.  Additionally, it helps the dog get exercise to stay happier.  Our crew can help you change your ground to a new surface with our expert understanding of artificial grass at a dog shelter.  Whether it is for a small space or a full dog lawn, NexGen Lawns can help you with artificial grass at a dog shelter.

artificial grass at dog shelter

Why choose artificial grass?

NexGen Lawns can help any dog care facility or shelter to provide a cleaner and happier environment with NexGen Lawns’ K9 synthetic grass.  The artificial grass will eliminate the annual expense of re-sodding the outdoor play area.  Plus your clientele and their beloved dogs will also love the look and feel of the evergreen synthetic grass.  After many years of research and development, our ultimate synthetic grass for dogs was developed to withstand a lot. From the impact of dogs running and playing to wear and tear from scratching.  Furthermore, NexGen’s K9 synthetic grass stays clean and odor-free thanks to our advanced drainage system.  We also use an all-natural infill that is applied to the synthetic grass that will absorb odors.

Want to find out more?

If you’re ready to give your pets a happier and cleanlier place all year round give NexGen Lawns a call today.  One of our representatives will assist you and your beloved pet in your next K9 synthetic grass solution.  You can also email us anytime with our online form.  Also, remember to ask for a free no-cost obligatory quote.  You can view our artificial grass for dogs.  Don’t forget to take a look around at your own local animal shelter; you never know what lovable pet you might find!