Purchase an Artificial Doggy Lawn for your Furbaby

Have you been wondering if there is a dog-friendly lawn that exists? NexGen Lawns is the solution to give both you and your pet an excellent landscape without all the fuss. With the help of NexGen Lawns, you can purchase an artificial doggy lawn for your furbaby. Artificial lawns come built tough to give pets the backyard they deserve without breaking down or leaving yellow spots behind. Artificial grass has become very popular among dog owners for all the benefits it provides to both pets and people.

purchase artificial doggy lawn furbabyDogs can run straight out the backdoor onto a gorgeous artificial lawn anytime. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Both Owners & Pets will Experience the following with an Artificial Doggy Lawn:

Low-Maintenance Yard – Who doesn’t want a yard that’s always ready for playtime without all the hassles of trying to keep the lawn green, trimmed, and water? An artificial turf lawn provides homeowners with the perfect lawn for dogs without having to do the lawn chores. Dogs will love being able to run outside on a well-manicured lawn. They won’t have to wait indoors as the yard is being mowed. It’s a win-win for all!

Safe & Clean Surface – When dogs go outside, they enjoy taking in the pleasure of rolling, laying, and running across the lawn. You can purchase an artificial doggy lawn for your furbaby to do just that.  However, many dangers can be lurking in grass surfaces that dogs could roll across. Artificial grass provides a truly soft surface that is free from harmful lawn applications and uneven lumpy surfaces. Artificial grass requires no harmful lawn applications and doesn’t break down like grass to leave uneven spots.  Therefore, your pet can enjoy a safe and clean surface year-round.

Mud-Free – One of the most expressed statements from artificial dog turf owners is the thrill of having a completely mud-free surface. No more is the annoyance of having to wipe off muddy paw feet, which are near impossible to get all the mud off before they come indoors. Not only is it mud-free for pets, but that means no more muddy shoes either! If you have ever had to run outside in the rain across the grass to grab something, you’ll love not having to worry about sinking into mud ever again.


If having a highly durable lawn that is safe, clean, low-maintenance, and mud-free sounds great to you, go ahead and give us a call today! You can reach our pet turf experts at 1-888-844-0672. You can also purchase an artificial doggy lawn for your furbaby online anytime. Both you and your pet will love having a NexGen Lawn system!