Try Artificial Backyard Grass for a New Design

Starting a new landscaping project can seem daunting with the labor and future upkeep involved.  However, with artificial backyard grass, it doesn’t have to!  One of our NexGen Lawns representatives will come to you and assist you through the highest quality artificial backyard grass options.  Plus, by selecting our eloquent synthetic grass, your home lawn will look impressive without the labor of grass.  Artificial grass does not have seasonal chores of spreading seeds, fertilizers, watering, and no lawn mowing!  This means instead of working out in the yard, you’ll have that time back to yourself.  The family will have a backyard where they can play all year.  No muddy fall and spring grass to avoid dried-out summer yard, or browned away winter lawn.  Now, wherever artificial grass is placed from the whole yard to different design sections, the surface remains functional and stunning.

Artificial Backyard Grass

Change your backyard landscape with the many styles of artificial grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A Few Artificial Backyard Grass Ideas:

Between Stepping Stones & Pavers – A pathway is a great way to add variety to the lawn.  Artificial grass can give you an eloquent straight-lined or winding path between pavers and stepping stones.  Additionally, you won’t have the nuisance of trying to keep the path trimmed.

Garden Bed Border – Help make your garden bed stand out with a fake grass border.  Once artificial grass is placed around the bed, you will no longer have to edge around the perimeter.  Fake grass easily flows around the garden bed borders to give a fluid design.

Near the Pool – Compliment the beautiful blue pool water with our lush realistic appearing green synthetic grass.  The grass around pools can wear fast and turn muddy; however, synthetic grass swiftly drains the water to leave the ground mud-free.  Additionally, synthetic grass keeps the mess of grass clippings out of your pool.

Across the Driveway – The driveway can oftentimes make the front of the home mostly driveway.  However, faux grass can go between concrete sections to help break up the boring grey drive.  Instead, you’ll have a statement piece through artificial grass as your entrance.

Refreshing Courtyard – Artificial turf can brighten the cold-appearing courtyard into a warm welcoming place.  In addition, the new courtyard won’t be hard on the feet with our premium soft artificial grass in the place.

Those are just some of the design options available with synthetic grass in the yard.  Come try the low-maintenance of artificial grass for backyards for yourself!  Have an artificial grass landscaping idea?  Then, call a NexGen Lawns representative at 1-888-844-0672 to start your remodel.