An Artificial Back Lawn Creates Play Spaces for Everyone

Is it time for everyone at home to have a fun usable lawn?  Then, NexGen Lawns can give you a helping hand through an artificial back lawn.  The back lawn should provide the family with a place for everyone to enjoy.  Whether that time to use the lawn is all together or individually.  An artificial back lawn can help give you multiple play spaces for the whole house.  Thus, kids can run outside on a soft playful fake lawn, and the grownups can kick up their feet without having to mow.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass comes with excellent strength and minimal maintenance.  This means more downtime or playtime outside without the lawn maintenance interruptions like mowing and fertilizing.  Plus, fake grass requires zero watering which means you’ll even see a lower watering bill.  With the assistance of NexGen Lawns, you can be on your way to a fun-filled artificial lawn.

artificial back lawn

Treat yourself to an easy and fun lawn through beautiful artificial grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

An Artificial Back Lawn is Family Friendly

If you have a full house or frequented house, an artificial back lawn can give everyone their own space.  The kids or grandchildren can have a designated area with artificial grass below their play equipment.  Which helps keep kids both safer and cleaner.  Or with synthetic turf across the entire lawn, the kids will have a durable surface to play sports, tag, or use their imagination.  In addition, artificial grass gives the family dog a strong surface to play and potty.  Our high-end quality fibers do not discolor from bathroom breaks.  Therefore, this means the back lawn will stay green and not have brown or yellow circles.  Plus, both the kids and pets will come back inside without grass stuck all over their feet or covered in mud.

Let’s not forget about the adults in the house!  How about your own artificial grass putting green?  Or a landscaped design around the pool or stepping stones?  Or just a lawn that doesn’t require rushing to mow the lawn to look good for outdoor gatherings.  Then, all of this can be fully incorporated into the back lawn with fake grass.  Additionally, a synthetic lawn will allow everyone to enjoy the lawn all year.  Our professional artificial back lawn installers can help bring your new lawn design to life.  So, check out our selection of artificial lawn grass for purchase.  To start designing your new back lawn makeover, call our representatives today.