Where to Find an Alternative to Grass?

Are you looking where to find an alternative to grass?  Then, consider artificial grass for your residential or even commercial lawn.  The low-maintenance of fake grass provides a lush green look to your lawn.  Additionally, artificial grass offers a fantastic way to change your landscaping design.  This might be to reduce your green space to a relaxing lounge circle.  Or cover the whole lawn with synthetic turf for a stunning piece.  Thus, this is why artificial grass is a growing choice to find something different than regular grass in the lawn.  You can truly change your landscape from incorporating synthetic turf between stone walkways, placed over your patio, or on your deck space.  There truly are many design possibilities when you select synthetic turf.  You can include fun zones of a synthetic putting green, bocce ball court, or dog run all with artificial grass.

alternative to grass

Synthetic turf provides a clean modern landscape around this home pool.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Benefits of Finding an Alternative to Grass through Synthetic Turf

Many homeowners are reaping the benefits of an artificial grass backyard by saving money on reduced watering, spending less time mowing, and more time enjoying their lawns.  This is why many individuals are looking where to find an alternative grass.  NexGen Lawns has your lawn covered with our wide variety of artificial grass and synthetic turf selections to choose from.  Additionally, another great benefit of not having to mow the lawn anymore means no annoying grass clippings to sweep up or bag.  Synthetic turf gives you the look of a nicely trimmed yard without the actual work of trimming!

If you are ready to start discussing remodeling your landscape, then call NexGen Lawns when looking where to find artificial grass for your artificial grass purchases.  You can give us a phone call at 1-888-844-0672 to discuss remodeling your home lawn or commercial landscape.