Artificial grass provides an all weather sports pitch

Playing fields with sod can leave sporting clubs and schools left with limited use throughout the year.  This is due to the wear of the grass fields and when the seasons change the grass fades and browns.  Instead, offering an all-weather sports pitch gives athletes more time to utilize the playing field.  Why be limited to how long you can play sports?  Thus, this is why many fields are converting to an all-weather sports pitch.  You’ll have more time on the fields to play a variety of sports on a fake turf field that will be green throughout the seasons.

all weather sports pitch

Check out our variety of all weather sports pitch available for purchase online.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial grass provides an all-weather sports pitch

A grass sports field can turn into a muddy pit from rainy weather. Furthermore, when it’s not full of mud the field can be left with a lumpy surface.  This is an unsafe environment and is impossible to host sporting events and practices. Artificial turf, however, provides a soft, comfortable area to play on and is weatherproof.  The drainage of the artificial turf helps to reduce all the cancelations due to the fields being too water-logged.  The highly permeable artificial turf helps to quickly drain rainwater.  In addition, artificial grass accommodates multiple sports and reduces maintenance work.  This not only offers more time to use the sports pitch but also helps reduce maintenance expenses.

NexGen Lawns will help you customize your school, business, or home with a variety of different synthetic turf and color varieties.  Using specialized technological advancements NexGen Lawns also ensures your play area is a safe environment.

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