Advantages of Plastic Grass

Hearing the word plastic grass to many reminds them of old-fashioned hard-packed artificial grass.  However, artificial grass has developed over many years.  Now, the aesthetics of synthetic grass is amazing.  NexGen Lawns carries the most realistic-looking artificial grass that is truly soft.  Rather than the old scratchy-feeling plastic grass from many years ago.  We offer synthetic grass equipped with soft fiber technology.  Therefore, our artificial grass provides an unbelievably realistic look through the low sheen and luster fibers.  NexGen Lawns offers synthetic grass in varying pile heights, weights, backing, and colors.  This variety provides you with an extraordinary-looking lawn through artificial grass.

Here are some of the advantages of plastic grass:

No Watering – Trying to keep the grass growing requires lots and lots of water.  You can stop wasteful watering because artificial grass lawns by NexGen Lawns require no watering.   Therefore, helping to save our planet’s water.  Reducing your water usage also lowers your water bill.  Now, with artificial grass, you won’t have to drag the water hose out anymore!

No Mowing – The dreaded duty of lawn mowing is exhausting, leaving many looking at installing a plastic grass lawn.  Lawnmowers are loud and smelly.  Plus, they take up lots of space in the garage.  Artificial grass means the mowing, trimming, and edging can end.  Instead, you’ll have ample free time that doesn’t include mowing the lawn.

No Fertilizing – To keep the lawn green many have to apply harmful lawn applications.  Many of these fertilizers are toxic and harmful to animals.  The lawn chemicals can run off the lawn and flow into water sources.  This damages the ecological communities.  Alternatively, synthetic grass is always green without harmful lawn applications.

plastic grass

Artificial grass creates a stunning landscape around your lawn.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Plastic Grass offers Multiple Applications

Synthetic grass not only creates a beautiful lawn but allows for multiple applications.  Due to the versatility, artificial grass provides.  It’s perfect to use underneath playground equipment and trampolines.  For spaces with no lawns, synthetic grass can be applied across decks, patios, rooftops, and balconies.  Another application around the lawn is incorporating a backyard putting green.  You can have fun playing golf in your own yard and not have to deal with all the upkeep.  Many homeowners and businesses use artificial grass to create a pet-friendly outdoor space. Since artificial grass helps to keep pet spaces clean.  Some other applications include sports fields, tennis courts, and indoor training gyms.   Want to learn more about artificial grass applications?  Check out all the variety of NexGen Lawns plastic grass today!